48 Hours in Copenhagen: Sights and Spends


With our trip to Copenhagen also being a birthday jaunt for Mr Holiday Addict, it was only fair for us to punctuate our weekend with a celebratory toast or two. But the cost of beer in Denmark’s capital city? Well let’s just say that those who warned us about pricey beverages were right to do so. Some places were frighteningly expensive. But there’s always an option to fit any budget, don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

Unlike the euros we know we’ll always use again, we didn’t want to return from Copenhagen to the UK with any left over Danish Krone. But nor did want to have to keep withdrawing cash or paying with cards whilst we were there, thus racking up those lovely charges that are always slapped on to foreign transactions. We decided to take the equivalent of around £250 (in the end we took 1850 DKK) for spending with us, and we vowed to see how far we could get with that in 48 hours.

Here’s some of what we did, and how much it cost us:


Canal Tour: We took a boat trip on the canals of Copenhagen, which was a great way to get an overview of the city when you’re short of time. The tours are frequent and depart around every 15 minutes in Summer.

Cost: 75 DKK (around £10) per person with Canal Tours Copenhagen. (Other companies offer cheaper tours, but lengthy queues were a factor in the choice of tour company we made).

Copenhagen Canal Tour

This tour we spotted only cost 40 DKK – bargain!

Nationalmuseet: The National Museum of Denmark was a great place to brush up on some Danish history, but it also houses antiquities from all over the world – I particularly enjoyed the exhibits from Ancient Egypt.

Cost: Entry is free unless you want to pre-book tickets online for temporary exhibitions.

Inside the Nationalmuseet

Inside the free Nationalmuseet.

Walking Tour: We had planned on taking part in a Sandeman New Europe walking tour, after enjoying the experience so much last year in Munich. These tours are great given that they’re free and operate on a tips system. At the end, you can pay a fee based on what you felt the tour was worth and what you can afford. The tours last over 2 hours meaning there’s plenty of time to get a good feel for the city. Our only problem was that in the midday sun of a heatwave, I randomly came over a bit dizzy and poorly about 30 minutes in, meaning we had to leave the group in search of some cold water and shaded seating. Not one of my finer moments!

Cost: Whatever you think your guide was worth (budget permitting)

An Old Copenhagen Street

An old street we visited on the walking tour.

Food and Drink:

We explored a few food and drink options, the cheapest being buying our own beer cargo from a kiosk and enjoying it on the harbour at Nyhavn with a Danish Hotdog for lunch. We also dined out around the Latin Quarter, which was pricey, but not ridiculously so.

Cost: Tuborg beer from a kiosk shop was 13 DKK a can. A hotdog was 25DKK (around £3). Eating out cost us 125 DKK for a large burger with fries and 52 DKK for a large beer. A bacon omelette for breakfast cost 65 DKK and a black coffee came in at 25 DKK. An afternoon ice cream (two scoops) cost 25 DKK.

Some of our eats!

Some tasty treats!

Public Transport:

We don’t tend to take taxis if we can help it, preferring to get a feel for how the locals travel. We took the metro to and from the airport to Copenhagen’s central Norreport station.

Cost: A one way ticket was 36 DKK (correct as of July 2013).

We did need to spend extra 50 Krone, but all in all, it wasn’t a bad result. But what do you think about the cost of a weekend in Copenhagen? Is it what you expected and how does it compare to other cities you’ve visited, or the city you live in? Let me know in the comments.


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I haven’t included the cost of our accommodation in this post, but just so you know, we stayed at the Hotel Kong Arthur where I was given a media rate for one night of my peak season stay. I booked the other two nights of our trip via their website on a pre-paid summer deal for 900 DKK per night.

All costs listed in this post are from July 2013 – expect some prices to have gone up, but remember that everything is still relative. If I was travelling this year in 2017, I’d just be tempted to up the budget by £50.


  • Julika says:

    Great tips Clare! I’m so glad that budget-friendly travel with picnicking and free walking tours even works in an expensive city like Copenhagen! I can’t wait to visit some day!

  • Seems like a great city to visit! I’d love to do a river cruise there. And of course try that ice cream! 🙂

    • Clare says:

      The river cruises are great. I was completely lovestruck by some of the waterfront houses and apartments we passed by. Just gorgeous! I’m so glad we went. I was on the fence before I booked the trip because of the stories I’d heard about how expensive it would be, but it’s definitely worth it for a short stay. Loved it!

  • I booked flights to Copenhagen on a whim when I saw a good deal and then started freaking out about how expensive it would be when I was actually there. But, in fact, there are loads of things you can do for either free or a small amount (including lots and lots of walking!) which meant I didn’t spend anywhere near as much as I thought I would… Phew! I did eat A LOT of hot dogs, though!

    • Clare says:

      I was freaking out a bit too – but I have to say I’d read your posts and I was sure it’d be fine. We definitely did a ton of walking! And those hot dogs were really good!

  • Bryden says:

    Yep, we need another holiday too and are planning to visit Copenhagen in July or August for 3 nights. We too are adding up the potential costs so your report was very helpful

  • lala says:

    Did you have any money left over?

    • Clare says:

      Just small change. On the last day we worked out how much we’d need to get back to the airport and we just made sure we spent the rest on dinner etc. We didn’t want to come home with any because we knew it wouldn’t really be a decent amount to change back into pounds. Not like the leftover euros we know we can stash for another trip!

  • Zoe says:

    Wow, having just been to Copenhagen, I didn’t realise there were so many things I missed out on, damn :/

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