5 Things to Know About the Greek Island of Thassos


Here’s looking at Thassos. A little bit of Greek heaven.

I love those Greek Islands and I’m always looking for a new one to try when it’s time for a proper holiday.

This year, I visited Thassos and in case you’ve never heard of it before, here’s a chance for you to get familiar with it. Maybe you’d like to go there yourself.

Here’s a round up of five things to know about Thassos :

Thassos has plenty of history for you to get your teeth into

Thassos History

More than just beaches

Have you ever been anywhere in Greece that isn’t rich in history? Thought not. It’s definitely one of the reasons I love Greece so much. Here in Thassos, there’s an excellent archeological museum and plenty of ruins for you to explore. On top of ancient mythology, you’ll also find that this Macedonian island has historical links with Turkey, Egypt and Bulgaria.

Thassos is greener than you probably imagine Greece to be

Green Thassos

Quite a sight

Greece’s northernmost island is sometimes referred to as its emerald isle because it has such a lush landscape. Pine forests are all over the place, and greenery grows closer to the edge of the beaches than you might expect. Of course, you might be concerned that all this green means rain – well, don’t worry. You can expect the weather to be perfect for a break in Spring or Summer.

Thassos is made of marble


Some marble I found on the beach. Might come in handy if I ever run out of toothpaste!

This island is actually famous for its white marble which is exported widely throughout the world. You might be surprised to learn that ground Thassos marble can be found in toothpaste, amongst other things. So maybe you’ve already had a taste of this Greek island without even realising it!

Thassos is only a 40 minute ferry ride from the Greek mainland

Thassos Ferry

The ferry from Thassos back to the mainland on our way home

To reach Thassos by air, you’ll fly into Kavala which is well served by charter flights during the summer season. From the airport, it’s about a ten minute drive to the port of Keramoti, where the frequent car ferries sail back and forth to Thassos town.

Thassos is much more laid back than the Greek big hitters

Skala Rahoni

Peace. That’s what a proper holiday is really all about

I’ve been to popular islands like Crete, Corfu and Kos, where there’s a lot on offer in terms of resorts that cater well for holiday-makers visiting from abroad. Thassos, however, is a different kind of island. It remains relatively uncommercialised, even in the capital Limenas (Thassos Town) and the more southern harbour town of Limenaria. It’s real Greece.

We stayed in Skala Rachoni, which could only really be described as a beach village, with only a handful of tavernas and a couple of little mini-markets. It was much more than I needed, in so many ways.

So would you like to visit Thassos? Had you heard of it before? Let me know in the comments.

(For info on Thassos Ferries, click here)


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