A Bit of Brighton Seaside Sparkle

Who doesn’t like to be beside the seaside? No-one? Thought as much.

Brighton Beach View

Looking out across the water.

Looking out across the sea suggests possibilities and opportunities. You can smell the promise of new places on the salt of the sea air. But as much as the coast offers adventure and speaks of voyages, it also presents the perfect chance to stop. To listen to the water. To have a good think and just take it all in.

With a walk on the beach, you can cast off the weekday worries with the weekend waves.

Brighton Collage

Taking it all in on Brighton beach

I’ve always thought the seaside was a little bit magic and in Brighton I realised that it really is.

I had a moment on that pier. The kind of snippet in time that stays with you. And it was all thanks to a little boy of about four years old. I don’t know if he’d ever seen the sea before, but he certainly hadn’t seen it like it was early on that Sunday morning, with the sun shining like summer was really coming.

“Look at the water! It’s got sparkles! There are sparkles on it!”

I looked again – and I saw what he saw.

Everybody knows that sparkles are a little bit magic.

Just like the seaside.

Deckchairs on the Beach

A bit of seaside magic

Do you like the seaside? And have you visited any of the UK’s beaches? I’d love to know in the comments!

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