A Family Friendly Afternoon at the Victoria Gallery & Museum in Liverpool

Earlier this week, it dawned on me that we hadn’t done much worthy of the #take12trips challenge this month. So I got to work.

It would be easy to succumb to a Saturday spent indoors with the heating cranked up, but I reminded myself what this challenge was all about. I decided to find us something free to do that we’d never tried before, and then I found the Victoria Gallery & Museum’s Family Saturday. Sold!


What a beautiful building!

Set in the University of Liverpool’s original red brick building, I travel past this museum more or less every time I drive into town. It’s home to an eclectic collection of items curated throughout the 120 year history of the University. From Victorian dentistry to archaeology, and from physics to fine art – there’s lots of unusual stuff to see.


Hands on stuff to get involved with. And hats!

The real win for us, though, was the museum’s thoughtful child friendly exhibits and areas in the Tate Hall. And on top of that, we visited on one of their Family Saturdays when there’s a film shown, followed by arts and crafts for kids. All for free.

The theme on our visit was Chinese New Year. Now, we skipped the movie as Holiday Baby is a bit young for all that sitting still, but we did leave with a half finished hand made dragon! Unfortunately two year olds don’t always have the patience to go the whole hog, though there was no question that he enjoyed all the drawing and colouring.


Plenty of stuff for kids to get involved with

We also had lunch in the museum – at the Waterhouse Cafe which has its home in the wonderful entrance hall of this beautiful building. It was simple menu of sandwiches and soup – but we enjoyed it immensely and I was so glad to have spent my 20 quid there rather than in Starbucks or Costa which were both over the road.


Explorer in the making!

There was also plenty of stuff to entertain Holiday Baby while we waited for our bite to eat! And the view wasn’t bad, either.


The beautiful details of the museum building as viewed from our lunch table!

All in all, we had a lovely afternoon and I came home feeling like this was exactly why I started #take12trips in the first place – to inspire myself to get out and see stuff, near or far. It doesn’t matter. So if you’re in Liverpool, I thoroughly recommend dropping by. The museum staff were all wonderfully helpful and I believe the VG&M deserves more attention than it seems to get.

We’ll be back!

Useful Info:

You’ll find the VG&M on Ashton Street, near the main campus of the University of Liverpool.

Opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm

Family Saturdays take place on the last weekend of the month. Details here.

Entry is FREE!

It’s right opposite the Metropolitan Cathedral (which I also love and have written about here).

The Victoria

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