A Proper Day Out to Conwy Castle in North Wales

The last time I visited Conwy Castle I was one of a merry band of ten year olds, wearing (un)fashionable corduroy trousers and carrying a fluorescent pink clipboard. Ah, memories! It was a school trip, but our long summer holidays were also made up of gloriously happy days out to North Wales. It’s kind of strange to think that I grew up and largely forgot that these places I’d loved to visit so much as a child ever existed.

Perhaps it was the lure of air travel and the rest of Europe that caused me to be complacent about what was really an easy drive away from home. Either way, I’m glad I recently rediscovered the town of Conwy, and that I also got the chance to show Mr Holiday Addict a proper Welsh castle (even though he maintains that it’s not as good as Edinburgh)!

But what do you think? Could this place be much more picturesque in the sunshine?

Conwy Castle

Lovely Conwy Castle

A Girl admires the view from the Castle.

A girl looks out over a would-be kingdom


A seagull spots me getting a bit too close. Oops.

The View over Conwy

Conwy and the bay as seen from the Castle

A Conwy Castle Guard

I keep one of Conwy Castle’s guards company for a while!

Conwy is perfect for a sprinkling of history combined with some good old fashioned seaside fun. And when the weather is so fabulous, it’s exactly the kind of place that makes me feel guilty about not holidaying more in the UK.

You might already know that I can’t stay away from the Greek Islands, but there’s certainly room in my life for more days out like this. And it goes without saying that there are many more Welsh castles besides Conwy that would be well worth a visit.

When was the last time you visited a castle?


Entrance costs £4.70 per adult and all details of Conwy Castle and the other castles in North Wales can be found here

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  • Lucy says:

    I think I went there as a kid too! There are loads of places in my local area that I haven’t been to since days out when I was a child, hoping to revisit a few though this summer and see if they’re as I remember them!

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