A Taste of Spain at Home

Although I love a bit of stodgy comfort food in winter, there’s no denying that a sunshine injection is quite often needed to get me through those dark, cold months – especially around this time of year; you know, when Christmas coziness seems a distant memory but the chill factor (and lack of funds) lingers on.

So when alpharooms.com asked me to share my Spanish foodie experiences, how could I say no? After all, Spain is exactly where I go in my head when I want to put some sun on my plate. And my trip to Barcelona back in 2008 was the first time I used alpharooms to book a hotel.


Barcelona – a brilliant city break destination.

Spain is where I went year after year for summer hols as a kid and it’s where my sister lived for twelve months, too. The food is a favourite for me because the way of eating just seems so social.

I’ve had some lovely food and drink experiences in Spain. The day we went sherry tasting in Jerez was one of my highlights. And I loved finding a shady spot in Menorca’s Ciutadella last year to share tapas while the then six month old Holiday Baby slept away the midday sun. As the country I’ve holidayed in for so many years, Spain will always mean food and family.


A younger me sips sangria in Seville

When my sister visits me now, something Spanish is always our default dinner of choice. I love that idea of sharing different memories over different tastes, and taking loads of time over doing so. And these days, preferably with a side of wine! But I’m no budding chef. Much as I like to cook, I also like to keep things simple. Family food the easy way! So I was thrilled to find an uncomplicated recipe for paella on the alpharooms blog – perfect for a Sunday at home!

After a cold morning spent out and about in town, we headed home for a bit of a siesta (still sleeping when the baby sleeps!), before I set to work on a feast fit for a fiesta!


Chop, chop!

A good meal was had by all, I suffered no kitchen meltdown, and Mr Holiday Addict and I ended the evening by reminiscing about Spanish adventures gone by once our wee man was in bed. What a lovely way to round off a winter weekend!


Mr Holiday Addict dishes up.

Head over to the alpharooms blog for more Spanish culinary inspiration.

This post was written in collaboration with alpharooms, but they’re a brand I’m happy to work with – I’ve booked hotels in Barcelona, Paris, Venice, Munich and Dublin with them in the past.


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