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Need Another Holiday

They're the words of a working mum with a travel obsession. And I say them. A lot.

I do my best to get about!

Hello! I’m Clare, and although I like to think of myself as still being a girl, the truth is that I’m thirty-six and a first time mum to Holiday Baby.

It still feels strange to say I’m in my mid late thirties, but I will always maintain that with age comes wisdom (and a good excuse to buy fancy face cream).

Ever since my hair went green from too much time spent underwater in Ibiza, aged five, I’ve loved to get away. These days, I’m obsessed. I approach booking trips with more commitment than an Olympian gives to planning their training.

Travel is my obsession, but on the blog I also write about life, motherhood and everything in between. My aim is that you’ll read it and realise that you really can work full-time, raise kids and travel as often as possible.

I’m not sure if I can show you exactly how to have it all, but I can show you how to give it a good go!

It’s all here on Need Another Holiday; from a poem about childbirth (yes, really) and the odd short story, to tales of how travel can transform you.

Holiday Baby and me. On location.

Holiday Baby and me. On location.

In terms of our adventures? Well, I don’t have a list of destinations I’m travelling my way through; I just plan around the dates I can get my time off work, and the budget I can scrape together.

I’m lucky to have all of Europe on my doorstep and even luckier that it’s easily accessible via budget airlines, so finding somewhere for me and my little family to go is usually always possible.

If you’d like to read about the places I’ve been, start here:

Spain (Seville, Jerez de la FronteraBarcelona, Menorca)

Italy (VeniceVeronaRomeLake Garda,  Sorrento, The Amalfi Coast, Capri)

France (Paris)

Greece (Crete, Zakynthos, Corfu, Kos, Thassos)

Ireland (Galway, Dublin)

Scotland (Loch Lomond, Glasgow, Loch Ness)

Tunisia (Hammamet)

Egypt (Hurghada)


Belgium (Bruges, Brussels)

Germany (Munich, Dusseldorf)

Portugal (Lisbon)

The Netherlands (Rotterdam, Amsterdam)

United States of America (New York)

And of course, there’s England including Liverpool (my hometown) and  Manchester (where I lived for 15 years).

Follow my journey through life/work/kids, both at home and away and by all means get in touch

I hope there’s something here to inspire you a little.