Beer, Boots and Best Laid Plans

I had high hopes for a sophisticated afternoon tea session on our recent trip to New York.

We’d enjoyed ourselves by playing at being fancy on a recent afternoon out in Glasgow, so I imagined I might I might crank it up a notch in the Big Apple, perhaps throwing a nonchalant flash of a smile in the direction of Kate Hudson or Anne Hathaway whilst lounging at the Plaza Hotel (yes, I’ve been watching rom-coms again).

Alas, my fantasy was not to be.

After hot footing it down 5th Avenue following a morning stint at the Guggenheim (sounds good so far, eh?), it was the green glow of an Irish pub and the promise of a cold beer that suddenly called to us. Not a posh hotel and loose leaf tea.

What can you do?

Beer on Tap

Anyone for tea? Ah, go on.

When your feet are a bit on the tired side and you feel like you need to sit down, a short pit stop for a beer makes perfect sense. And we were the need-some-fizz kind of thirsty, not the spitting feathers variety that favours a teapot.

So into the bar we went.

Plonking ourselves on a couple of stools we placed our order with the bartender and got to work on our Budweisers. Just the one, mind. New York was calling.

Five beers later, this happened. (Not a scone in sight.)

Pub Grub Platter

No cake stand required.

New York could just go ahead and wait.

But you know what? Sometimes it doesn’t matter. I don’t regret my lack of commitment to afternoon tea for just one second. Because instead, we laughed, we refueled and we solved half of the worlds problems in that Irish pub. I also scribbled some illegible and yet inspired ideas in my little notebook. Bonus.

Then, when we did finally emerge from the bar, all beer buzzy and twinkly eyed, we thought it was a brilliant idea to go and buy boots. And I firmly believe I bought one of the best pairs the world has ever seen.

Beer Boots

My beautiful beer boots. The buckles jingle a bit when I walk. It’s like I now have my own personal soundtrack.

So sometimes it’s wise to bin your best laid plans, because you can’t timetable fun. It either happens or it doesn’t.

Just go with your gut and don’t worry.

The good time will be sure to follow.

Have you ever just gone with the flow and let a good time guide you? Let me know in the comments!


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