A Break from Baby

Guilt Trip

I’ve just booked a trip. To be honest, it’s a trip that’s filling me with excitement and guilt all at once. Why? Because it’s the first holiday that my husband and I will be taking without our son.

It’s all come about rather suddenly. We’ve only been back from Greece for a couple of weeks and I wasn’t planning on making more travel plans quite so soon. But although we had a wonderful time, I found that I returned still needing a break (#firstworldproblems much?).

You’ll know that on this blog I sometimes talk about motherhood, but I try not to share too much about my son. Still, I do feel the need to talk about the realities of my parenthood challenges from time to time, just to keep me sane. And booking this trip was borne out of one of the big ones.

I just need sleep.

Holiday Baby is approaching two, and although I don’t post an awful lot about our nightly woes on Facebook, he is not a good sleeper. We’ve had phases when we’ve thought this is it, we’ve cracked it, but they never last. And so I feel switched “on” all the time; constantly longing for a night when I’ll wake up and realise I’ve slept for more than two or three hours in one go.

At the moment, I just never feel awake enough to be my best self. So we’re going away to give us a chance to recover and rejuvenate. Just for a few nights to see if we can switch off a bit; to see if we can remember who we were before our names became Mummy and Daddy.

City breaks have always been our favourite trips to take, and that’s what we’re doing on our little escape. I’ve been scouring deals online which have taken me from Milan (unfortunate flight times) to Rome (already been) to Paris (always a good idea, but I fancied somewhere new) to Berlin (maybe at Christmas) to, well, somewhere that’s been on my wishlist for a long time:


I think it will be perfect. Unless, of course, I end up crying myself to sleep each night because I miss the wee man so much. Can I ever win?


  • I felt so guilty throughout my first trip away from my daughter (left at home with my husband) but it was so good… for both of us, that I had a break and remembered who I was when I wasn’t mummy.

    • Clare says:

      I feel so guilty to say I think I need this break – it seems really self indulgent. But I am finding that the sleepless nights and full time working is sucking the life out of me. I know things will settle, but right now I need to know my son is in safe hands having fun with family away from me, so I can go fully unconscious overnight, rather than just be semi conscious waiting for him to wake up again. Plus, I think I deserve an opportunity to drink (at least a bit) too much wine!

  • What a perfect place to relax (and sleep!). Still one of my favorite places I have been all these years later. It’s small size and fabulous food and wine make it ideal for a weekend getaway! Enjoy 🙂

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