Capri: The Island of the Sun (and the Stars)

As well as harbouring a wish to one day emulate the effortless style of the French, I have also long desired to visit the Italian island of Capri.

It’s the place I’ve always imagined those already graced with such style go to spend their summer holidays. But none of us are getting any younger, and I fear that the day I’ll be glamorous enough to genuinely fit in with the Capri crowd might never actually come.

So in the end I just decided to go there regardless, and I went ahead and boarded a boat to the famed island during my recent week long stay in Sorrento.

Capri Main Harbour

As soon as I arrived in Capri, I knew it was my kind of place!

Capri is intriguing. Its stunning cliffs give it the cut of a completely unique diamond. And that’s what this island is – a jewel. It’s no wonder that Capri has been claimed by those who can afford to keep it their secret.

Fortunately the secret’s not so well kept that you’d never get to visit, but unless you can stretch to a full blown stopover, you’re unlikely to be there after dusk. And it appears that this is when the rich and famous emerge in their designer clad clusters; off out to drink in both spectacular sunsets and classic cocktails from sparkling seafront terraces.

Capri Colour

Breathtaking views were everywhere

A boat trip around the island will show you the sights – and they are magnificent. Raw natural beauty abounds. Then there are glimpses of exclusive beach clubs, of cliff-side mansions and secret grottoes. All laced with the riches of history.

You see, people have been coming here for a very long time; there’s evidence linking Capri not just to the Romans, but to the Ancient Greeks as well.

Capri Collage

Picture perfect scenes and bright colour

These days, it’s the island of celebrities and I admit I wondered if we’d manage to catch a peek of any stars during our day trip. In truth, we found it difficult enough to spot the sun.

It meant our day wasn’t quite what we’d hoped; those awe inspiring views were often shrouded by rain clouds. But we did have enough blue sky to highlight Capri’s beauty for a short while. And no matter what the weather, there’s always the option of sitting with a drink and watching the world go by.

Designer Streets

Designer shopping opportunities aplenty. I wished. I sighed. I sadly walked on…

For the record, a large beer cost €5.50 in the sky-high village of Anacapri, and the price was the same in a side street café bar just off the central piazza in Capri’s main town. Not exactly cheap, but a far cry from the €15 a drink horror stories we’d heard previously; proving yet again that it’s possible to make your money go further than you’d think, no matter where you are.

View over Capri

Possibly the best view ever

Although some of Capri’s secrets might still be safely guarded by millionaires and the Hollywood elite, remember you don’t have to be rich to take the ferry there and stroll the streets.

You’ll see what all the fuss is about, and you’ll get a chance to weigh up whether this is the island you’ll be headed for when those numbers of yours come up – just keep buying those lottery tickets…

 Get there…

The quickest way to get to Capri from Sorrento is by hydrofoil. The crossing takes about 25 minutes and will cost you around €15-18 each way. Check here for details and times of crossings as well as further info on getting around the island.

Have you been to Capri?


  • Agness says:

    Wow. This place is a Heaven on Earth. Love it! Beautiful shots.

  • Julika says:

    These views are incredible! I could look at photos of colorful houses and boats against blue skies forever! So beautiful!

  • Lucy says:

    Loved Capri. Did you do that funny little chairlift from Anacapri up the mountain? Fab views.

    My parents have been to next-door Ischia years ago and say that was gorgeous too and a bit more laid back so might have to try it out next.

    • Clare says:

      It was so cloudy that the chairlift disappeared from sight when it was about 10 metres off the ground – we gave it a miss! It was such a shame about the weather in the afternoon. Ischia sounds good – maybe there would be less of the day trippers en-masse thing going on if it’s a bit more low key. There’s always next time!

  • Josh says:

    Looks spectacular! The celeb thing reminds me of what it was like to wander round Hvar in Croatia last summer, though I didn’t see any of them either! Love the colours in that first photo, thanks for sharing!

  • Aggy says:

    Wow just wow! Look incredible! The view is stunning and those houses look colourful, I think I would also need to pay Capri a visit!

  • It’s because of the Hollywood hype that Capri isn’t high on my travel list. I’d rather visit other places in Italy… That being said, I’m sure it’s a beautiful place – your pictures sure show it.

  • Funny I’ve always had the same thoughts about Capri (and some other destinations of the rich and famous that I’d like to visit) — wondering if I could get glamorous enough to blend in. 🙂 But time is moving on and we just need to visit these places and be ourselves! Nice to know that a visit there might even be affordable, too.

    • Clare says:

      A day trip is certainly affordable from Sorrento where we stayed, and worth the effort for sure. Capri is lovely! I didn’t worry too much about fitting in in the end – we all got soaked by the same rain on the day I was there so it didn’t matter!

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