Celebrating 12 Months of Blogging with a Challenge to #Take12Trips. Are You In?

What do you think of when you hear the word “trip”? A day out? A month on the road? A weekend away on a cheap flight? A trip can be any or all of these things and best of all, you don’t necessarily have to travel far to take a trip.

How will you get there

Plane trips, boat trips, train trips – any trip will do!

We’re now well into the second half of 2013 and I’m over the moon that Need Another Holiday is one year old! I’m still working my full-time job, and I’m travelling part-time more than ever before. Hopefully, like me, you already try to make the most of the weekends and your days off work, but maybe you wish you could do more.

Is it really possible for you to take one trip each month even if you work a nine-to-five? I’m saying yes, it certainly is. And I want to inspire the full-time workers and part-time travellers amongst you to make it your mission to #take12trips over the next 12 months, starting as soon as you want. It’s all about making time to enjoy yourself by travelling and by taking the time to plan some stuff you love, but never get round to.

Twelve trips in twelve months might not sound like much, but I know what it’s like to get home on Friday and feel like you just can’t be bothered to leave the house all weekend. Lounging in your pyjamas while you watch TV box-sets and become one of the great unwashed for 48 hours can occasionally be very appealing. And sometimes you do need a bit of down time, there’s nowt wrong with that. But there’s a reason people say a change is as good as a rest.

12 months of travel

Me, on some of my trips from the last 12 months of travel (clockwise from top left – Thassos, Bruges, Pompeii and Lisbon)

To #take12trips, you only have to commit to doing something once a month. Maybe you’ll overnight in your own city centre or go to a museum you always walk past, but never into. Maybe you’ll drive into the country and spend a weekend at a cute little B&B. Maybe you’ll have a day out to the seaside and take a walk on the beach before scoffing some fish and chips on a battered old bench. Maybe you’ll just go for dinner in the middle of the week to a new place.

Do anything – trip big, or trip tiny. It’s entirely up to you and the things you like to do (as well as what’s in your pocket, of course). So push your pennies, but most importantly push yourself. Get out. Get stuck in. Who cares if it’s not New Year? Your twelve months to #take12trips can start right now.


Where will you pick up your next souvenir? Or drink your next beer?

Do you fancy joining me? Let me know with a comment, or contact me on Twitter, Facebook or find me on Instagram. I’m starting my own #take12trips challenge this October with a visit to Dublin and a trip to New York for my biggest city break to date. How do you fancy starting yours?

Tag your trips with the hashtag #Take12Trips to join in and follow along!


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