Christmas in Düsseldorf (and a New Travel Tradition)

Dusseldorf Marktplatz

Christmas markets in Düsseldorf.

It’s Christmas Eve and I’ve actually reached the point where I’m completely convinced I can hear Wham singing about Last Christmas, regardless of whether or not the song is actually playing anywhere.

The point is that Christmas has embedded itself into my bones now, and this year, that’s all thanks to Düsseldorf.

Dishing up treats

Christmas spirit is dished up in Düsseldorf!


Perfect Christmas cuteness!

When you and your other half both hail from different cities to the one you’ve decided to set up home in, Christmas can be hectic from time to time. You want to see everyone; to share the fun with family, but it can mean spreading yourself a bit thin.

Seeing the smiles on all the different faces often means different beds and hours on the road. It’s worth it, and it always will be, but I find there’s not much time for me to stop and enjoy the company of the person I chose to be my family for myself during all the December madness.

Markets at night

A perfect place to spend a pre-Christmas escape

Last year, Mr Holiday Addict and I decided a great way to up our crank up our Christmas levels would be to fly away from the the present-buying frenzy by taking a short trip away together to a city where we could immerse ourselves completely in the season.

The German markets in the city of Munich were the answer to our Christmas question. We had a ball there, and this year, we decided we needed to do it again. This would be our own pre-Christmas way to celebrate Christmas.

So we picked a city that would be strollable and something of an underrated gem; the kind of city where we wouldn’t necessarily feel obliged to follow a standard sightseeing path. We wanted to just go some place that would allow us to simply soak up the seasonal spirit. And Düsseldorf gave us just what we were after.

Take a look and tell me that you wouldn’t be enchanted by this city too:

Market Stalls


Christmas Shopping


Christmas snacks


Walking in the Old Town at Christmas


Then there was the added bonus of a catch up with one of my friends from the blogging world, Julika of Sateless Suitcase. Fabulous!


Christmas Cheers!

We’ve decided that our break away the weekend before the big day will be something we always make the effort to do. All traditions start somewhere, and although this one of ours might be in its infancy, I really think we’re on to a winner that will give us loads of happy Christmassy memories in the years to come.

But now I’m off to stick Wham on the stereo – it’s stuck in my head anyway. I might as well.

Altogether now…

Disclaimer: I refuse to accept responsibility for the fact that you might be singing Wham in your head for the rest of the day. It’s a classic – so just get on with it and sing out loud.


  • Julika says:

    I loved seeing you in Düsseldorf and I can’t wait to hear where your Christmassy getaway tradition will lead you next year! Wherever you’ll end up — I’m looking forward to eating another massive Dampfnudel with you! (And, please get out of my head now, Wham!!)

    • Clare says:

      Oh the Dampfnudel! That certainly needs to be part of the tradition too! So lovely to see you and really hope it’s not long before we catch up again.

  • MummyTravels says:

    I loved going to Dusseldorf’s Christmas market the year I lived in Germany – I still think Cologne has the edge (that cathedral) but it’s definitely an underrated city that’s worth a visit.

    *hums* Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…

    • Clare says:

      I’d love to see the cathedral in Cologne – that might be enough to swing it for next year’s destination! I’m so glad I visited Dusseldorf though – I really loved the city.

  • What a wonderful Christmas tradition! Dusseldorf looks charming! I have only been in the summer, but the Christmas markets look like something not to be missed. So nice that you got to getaway from the craziness and enjoy the spirit of Christmas!

    • Clare says:

      I think a weekend away strolling around Christmas markets is just the perfect way to escape the madness that seems to accompany December at home. I was so chilled out, though this may have been something to do with all the mulled wine – oops!

  • Happy Christmas! My one and only trip to Germany was to Dusseldorf when I was 12 so I am more than overdue a return visit. I’ve been to a couple of French Christmas markets but must make it to a German original sometime soon.

    • Clare says:

      Hope you had a lovely Christmas too, Lucy – your Paris photos were absolutely gorgeous! I visited a few years ago just after New Year when the festive lights were still up and the city of light was just lovely with its extra sparkle! But I have to say – Germany is so good for the markets. Fabulous atmosphere.

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