Copenhagen: A Perfect Summer City

There was no sunshine or colour when we arrived in Copenhagen, though given that we arrived at 10pm in the dark, it was hardly surprising. But since the weather forecast when we left home had predicted rain, rain and a bit more rain, we never really expected daylight to make much of a difference. We didn’t mind – bad weather has never stopped us before.

Little did we know that a heatwave had other ideas, and what followed was a glorious weekend of super bright sunshine and unbelievably high temperatures. In short it turned out to be a spectacular 48 hours weather-wise, and the blinding sunshine bounced beautifully off the colourful buildings of Copenhagen. So here’s Denmark’s capital in summer perfection. What do you think?

Blue skies in Nyhavn

How pretty are the colours of Nyhavn against a blue sky?

I felt that there was a relaxed, happy vibe in Copenhagen which made it feel reassuringly comfortable and liveable. Somehow it seems like this city is a benchmark for easygoing efficiency, if that makes any sense.

Its heavily pedestrianised town centre streets make it a wonderfully strollable (or bikeable) place. And although anyone who tells you that it’s expensive is absolutely right, don’t let it put you off. It’s a perfect summer city break, and just as with anywhere, it’s always possible to keep costs down (without you feeling like you’re a miserable scrimper).


Summer brings out the best in any city, but Copenhagen really shines!

Look out for my upcoming post on what we did in Copenhagen and more importantly what we spent. I promise you that you’re not going to bankrupt yourself in a weekend, so go ahead and put this place firmly on your European city list!

Staring into a Copenhagen sunset

When was the last time you saw a sunset this good in a city centre?

Have you been to Copenhagen? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments.


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