Could My New Bag Be A Backpack?

Backpacking just isn’t my bag.

I love a 4-wheel spinner suitcase that glides by my side, and I can live with the occasional cobbled street challenge. But trying to find the ultimate day bag for travelling is a completely different ball game, so when online fashion retailer FreestyleXtreme asked me to try something from their range, I obviously made a beeline straight for their bags.

I’m always searching for something good-looking that I can fit my laptop and general handbag contents inside when I’m taking check-in. But it also has to double up as a decent day trip bag and beach-bag, too. In addition, I point blank refuse to wear anything too sporty.  It would just make me look like a fraud since I generally save running exclusively for those occasions when I’m about to miss a bus.

When I spotted a floral canvas day pack during my website shopping session, I instantly felt the bag-lady love. I thought it had the potential to meet my needs and be the first back pack I’ve carried since school. Deal me in, I thought. So let’s take a peek…

BackPack Front

Lovely Flowery Baggage!

The Volcom Women’s Backpack caught my eye at first with its girly flower print, I really like it. Inside the bag, there are three main compartments. One is ideal for my laptop, e-reader and the obligatory copy of Marie Claire I inevitably buy when I’m in the airport.

The other main compartment will easily fit a cardigan and my lightweight hooded parka as well as all my other bits and bobs like my make-up, camera, hairbrush and umbrella. Even a complete change of clothes if I need it.

The smaller zipper at the front would be great for a guidebook or maybe my travel documents; basically anything I need easy access too. Then there are two side compartments which are ideal for snacks and a water bottle.

BackPack Back

I’m looking forward to taking this with me on my next jaunt!

My Verdict?

I think I might just be converted! I’m actually gutted that I didn’t have this bag on my recent trip to Sorrento. It would have served me well on my days out to Positano and Pompeii. The weather was so changeable and I’d have shoved my jacket in here no bother. But still, I’m looking forward to taking it with me to Greece where I’ll definitely use it as a beach bag, too. All in all I’d say it’s definitely a win for backpacks – but I’m staying loyal to my trolley-dolly suitcase, too!

FreestyleXtreme kindly gifted me this bag free of charge (retail price is around £35-40). I really like it, and you can rest assured that this backpack phobic traveller would not say anything positive about it if it didn’t deserve the praise.

The FreestyleXtreme women’s range includes everything you might be after for a trip – from flip flops to funky heels; swimwear to snow gear. They stock brands aplenty and are well worth checking out!

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