Disturbing Behaviour That Means You Need Another Holiday: Part 1

I’m fortunate that I chose a career which periodically allows me to pretend I’m that one out of Flashance.


No, that’s not actually me. That’s your Flashdancer.

Just substitute the welding get up for a boiler suit and hard hat, and I’m your girl (for the record, I’ve got a GCSE in Dance and there’s a pair of tap shoes in my wardrobe. Those are FACTS).

It also has to be said that I am indeed a maniac on the floor. Trust me. There’s photographic evidence of this, but if you want to see it in action you’ll have to invite me to your wedding (make sure you book a good DJ).

To sum up, there’s more to being an engineer than engineering, and my job is really rather good.

But people who like their jobs still need holidays, no matter what they do. Even professional travel bloggers who trot permanently around the world will tell you that sometimes they need to get their heads out of “the cloud” (couldn’t help that) in order to enjoy the simple feeling of their feet in the sand without the nag of deadlines.

Holiday Feet

Holiday foot makeover. It’s like magic.

The truth is that if we didn’t all need the money to pay for our trips, then most of us probably wouldn’t bother going to work. Or we’d just do little bits of what we fancied, as and when we fancied it.

But we do need the money, and there’s a good chance you’re reading this on the sly when you’re supposed to be doing something else you actually get paid for. That’s life. That’s you seeking a snippet of escapism. You’re only human.

someecards.com - The closest I'll get to a vacation is the far-away look in my eyes.

So welcome to this series of posts that will help you identify certain disturbing behaviours you may well be displaying; behaviours which mean someone really needs to get you the hell away from all this. Pronto.

In other words, let’s determine how much you need another holiday…

It’s time to examine Disturbing Behaviour Number 1:

You said the phrase “going forward” when discussing how to make future improvements to your love life (or similar).

In the pub.

After four pints.

Oh no. Just no. I feel sick for you.

I shall pick you up right now and take you straight to the airport. I’ll even pay for the ticket, such is the severity of your case. Your mates might be nodding along, but secretly they feel sorry for you and want to smack a bit of sense into your rosy, beer-rouged cheeks. It’s time to stop. You’ve given too much for too long and spent too many hours in meetings about, well, meetings.

Just book the trip.

Do it even if all you can manage is a National Express ticket back home to visit your mum. If she’s anything like mine, you’ll get that slap in the face you need verbally, with a smattering of wise motherly wit. Then she’ll feed you, take pity on you and give you the break you need.

Or, if you’ve got the money, get to Greece. Just don’t send your boss after me if you like it so much you get a job in a taverna and never come back.

Seen sense? Good – now get involved with the mission to #take12trips.

And come back soon to learn if you’re exhibiting Disturbing Behaviour Number 2. All will be revealed…


  • “Do it even if all you can manage is a National Express ticket back home to visit your mum. If sheโ€™s anything like mine, youโ€™ll get that slap in the face you need verbally, with a smattering of wise motherly wit.” Ha, love it! Great post, thanks for sharing.

    Happy travels ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Agness says:

    I couldn’t agree more. When I don’t go travelling at least once a week for the weekend (which hardly ever happens as I’m on the road more often), I really get upset and nervous. I keep breaking glasses and plates in the kitchen, I’m moody and grumpy :-D. Then everyone knows I need to be bought a ticket somewhere!!

    • Clare says:

      Ha ha – I might use that one in future. Do you think if I start dropping dishes in the kitchen my husband will take me on more surprise weekends away? It’s worth a try… Thanks Agness!

  • Sammi says:

    Brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚ think I’m gonna love this series ๐Ÿ™‚

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