Disturbing Behaviour That Means You Need Another Holiday: Part 2

Sometimes we all need a holiday and this series of posts (or life lessons, if you will) is all about helping you to identify when you need some sort of break in a lighthearted kind of way.

So, following on from part 1, it’s time to have a look at another reason you might need another holiday.

someecards.com - I don't mind working weekends because I have absolutely nothing better to do

If this is how you feel, then you may be beyond help.

Let’s examine Disturbing Behaviour Number 2:

You wake up on a Saturday morning and almost get up and go to work…

First, ask yourself when you last had a day off. Can’t remember? Honestly? Well, It was six days ago. Sunday to be precise (working on the principle that you work a normal 9-5 week, of course).

It would seem that you’re not getting much value from your weekends if you can’t manage to remember that you don’t have to go to work when they come around. But weekends can blend easily into the rest of the week if you’re not careful, and it’s oh so easy to spend a big chunk of Sunday worrying about what delights will greet you on Monday morning (these are the times when you never need to worry about sleeping in on Monday – you’ve probably been up all night anyway).

But finding the joy in weekends is one thing Need Another Holiday is here to help you with.

So here’s the plan…

If you’re awake early on a Saturday, you might decide to flick on the telly and ponder why James Martin nearly always seems to wear a blazer whilst cooking on Saturday Kitchen (doesn’t seem like realistic cooking attire to me), or you could just roll over and go back to sleep.

But we all know how that too much snoozing often just makes you feel worse later in the day, so why not just get up? Why not do something?

These are the times to take chances on impromptu day trips. Where can you go on the train? Where can you ride out to in your car accompanied by a booming soundtrack of power ballads from decades gone by?

There’ll be places to discover that you don’t even know about, so maybe before you channel your inner ballerina and leap out of bed, you should grab that smartphone and do a bit of googling. Local tourist board website? Check it out.

A Day Out in Liverpool - The Albert Dock

A last minute day out to Liverpool’s Albert Dock earlier in the year. Did I wish I’d stayed in bed? No. Not for a second.

There is something you’re bound to enjoy closer to your doorstep than you think, so find out what it is and make a day of it. Do something on the cheap, or throw money at treats and go all out.

Just be sure to come home with the smell of outside on your skin, a rosy glow on those cute cheeks of yours and a merry twinkle in your eye (and if you like, the faint scent of afternoon beer on your breath).

You’ll sleep like a baby. And when you do go back to work on Monday, you’ll have more to say than “OK,” when someone asks you how your weekend was.

And maybe you’ll get the bug and plan something even better for next Saturday. After all, it’s only a week away…

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with living for the weekend, as long as you make each one of them count.


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