Finding Venice in a Liverpool Lunchtime

Some years ago, before I had my son, my mum and I used to regularly have an afternoon out in March. It’s the month of mothers day in the UK, so what better excuse for the ladies to enjoy a long, boozy lunch?

We haven’t done it for a few years, but this year, having a day off work safe in the knowledge that Holiday Baby was in nursery (with the mister on pick-up duty), we decided to make a plan. But where to go?

Salt House Bacaro

Not too shabby!

We settled for Salthouse Bacaro because of its good reviews, and because it said this on their website:

“Salthouse Bacaro is a Venetian small plates joint. Pizettes, pastas, risottos and small plates of perfection. Inspired by the back street bacaros of Venice”

Venice, eh? Sold. It’s a city I adore (to read about it, check out this beautifully amateurish post from back in the blog’s beginnings – just don’t cringe at the terrible writing. You’ve been warned!)


Yeah, didn’t quite get to Venice this month – but I got a taste at least!

Suffice to say, a good session was had by all. And as I didn’t want to bore my mum by staging photos of my food, or trying to take arty shots of the restaurant, we just got stuck in, and had a right old chat whilst munching our delicious Italian food.

Favourites were the tomato risotto (with just enough chilli for warmth) and the pan fried sea bass. Oh and the parmesan fries with garlic mayo – our waiter had to pretty much extract them from my hands. The portion was way too generous and I had to sadly restrain myself from mega overindulgence!

So if you’re in Liverpool, and you fancy a trip to Venice but can’t find a flight cheap enough, at least head to Bacaro for a taste of it. Their lunch menu will set you back £12.50 for three small plates. Molto bene!

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