Glasgow on an Autumn Afternoon

George Square

Glasgow’s gorgeous George Square

The funny thing about Glasgow is that I doubt I’d have ever paid it a visit had it not been for a chance meeting eight years ago in a Liverpool bar. (The encounter involved the man who would later become Mr Holiday Addict and was naturally set to an eighties soundtrack.)

I think I’d have probably done what most tourists seem to do and headed straight for Edinburgh, if and when I eventually got round to seeing Scotland.  But the indecipherable* Scotsman I met that night in Liverpool gave me the gift of Glasgow, and who knew then (OK, fate clearly knew) that his hometown would be just my kind of city?

It turns out you can take the boy out of Glasgow (exactly what I did), but of course you can’t take the Glasgow out of the boy. And although we often venture north to visit his family, this time round we decided to make an effort to see more than just the faces we love.

So off we headed into the city centre for a wee walk around Glasgow’s beautifully bold buildings, before ending our day with a rather delightful dose of afternoon tea which I’ll tell you much more about in a later post.

I might remain entirely in debt to the city of Glasgow for my man, but as someone who loves to keep her head held high so she can look up at impressive architecture, I’ll always blame this city for being a perfectly handsome pain in the neck. Which is rather amusing, since sometimes my husband can be just the same (couldn’t resist that one)!

Anyway, Glasgow’s a stunner.

Have a look….

Streets alive with the sound of music

Streets alive with the sound of music…

Building Details

The details you need to keep your head up to see!

Buchanan Street

Buchanan Street – shop ’til you drop!

Argyll Arcade

Argyll Arcade

Merchant City

Merchant City

Glasgow Central Station

Glasgow Central Station

The Sound of Scotland on the Glasgow Streets

The sound of Scotland

A Model Map of Glasgow

A Model Map of Glasgow

Have you been to Glasgow?

*You might think that’s a bit rich coming from a Liver Bird and you’d be right, because the truth is that with accents like these, it’s a miracle we ever managed anything resembling a coherent conversation in the first place.



  • Lucy says:

    Glasgow’s another place on my UK ‘can’t believe I actually haven’t been there yet and must get to soon’ list for sure – along with Liverpool, Chester and Cambridge. I feel a UK road trip coming up!

    • Clare says:

      It’s definitely worth a weekend, Lucy. The buildings are so gorgeous. I think it’s one of my favourite city centres. There are lovely views aided by the fact that it’s a wee bit hilly, too.

  • Agness says:

    The city looks so charming. I wouldn’t even say it’s autumn, looks like summer has not gone away 🙂

  • Clare says:

    The weather was lovely, actually. Still really mild considering it’s half way through October. It’s a lovely city. And it’s not far from Edinburgh really, so easy to do as a day trip if you were staying there. I love Scotland!

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