Happy Birthday Holiday Baby! Here’s Your Journey So Far…


Last year, I wrote a poem for Holiday Baby when he turned one year old. Well, I’ve decided to make it a “thing”! Here are my words for him this year as he turns two and we move into another new chapter…

Your Journey So Far

When you were six months old, we boarded a plane,

And flew off to Menorca in sunny Spain.


The next trip that took you off your tiny feet,

Was a blissful visit to beautiful Crete.


At Christmas, once again we were all skybound,

To Bremen in Germany, this time round.


We stayed warm at home, ’til the following spring,

When Barcelona gave you your next set of wings.


Then Portugal called, and off we all flew,

Three days in Porto made us feel brand new,


When summer came again, we took to the skies,

Our return to Crete was no big surprise!


For someone so young, you’ve seen so many places,

Shining your smile at so many faces.


I hope travel will teach you to open you heart,

To love people, love culture, love history and art.


Your life lies before you, your story untold.

Make memories that count – you’ll need them when you’re old.


Oh, my Holiday Baby, now Holiday Boy,

May you always know a world that’s filled with joy.


So have all of my love, on your special day,

And know I’m always here to help you on your way.


By Clare

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