Happy Birthday Holiday Baby!

Last week, Holiday Baby turned one. A whole year old.

I was upset that being back at work meant I spent chunk of his big day in an office forty miles away from him, although we had a lovely tea party and plenty of cake later on.

But while I sat at my desk and munched on my lunch, I wrote him a poem. Here it is.



Year One

On the day you were born, this time last year.
I couldn’t believe you were finally here.

Time passes so fast, now a whole year has gone.
And that tiny baby is a big number one.

You’ve been here for twelve months, that bit is true,
But really I feel like I’ve always known you.

You amaze me each day, but it’s not a surprise,
That it’s you looking out from those big blue eyes.

When you laugh and you smile, as so often you do,
I see all of our family, shining on through.

You see, before you were born, you were part of my soul,
And I know that without you I’d no longer feel whole.

Sure, you’ve stopped me from sleeping, and sometimes I’ve cried.
I can’t get used to exhaustion, despite having tried.

But you lying between us, in the depth of the night,
Is when being a family makes darkness seem bright.

You’ve already filled our lives with so much joy.
We can’t wait to see you grow from baby to boy.

So happy birthday to you, my beautiful son.
Our journey has really only just begun.

May you continue to smile, and to laugh, and to dance.
May you never be afraid to take a chance.

May you always know love, because that’s what you bring.
Your happiness will forever make my heart sing.

Know that we, as your parents, would move mountains for you.
When you need us, we’re here. It’s what mums and dads do.

Because from husband and wife, to father and mother,
You were the greatest gift we could give each other.


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