Holiday Baby Hits Glasgow

I’m finally enjoying my maternity leave! Hoorah! And to celebrate, we recently took our first family road trip to Glasgow so that Holiday Baby could set foot (ok, pram wheels) on Scottish soil and meet the family members who’ve heard so much about him, happy little soul that he is.

He was good as gold on the journey, giving me faith that he will indeed make a trouble free tiny traveller.

On the Road

Travelling? I can do it in my sleep.

Watching Holiday Baby get to know his extended family was lovely – and the weather was a total unexpected blessing. Not only did it mean we got to spend Easter Sunday entirely in the back garden (where Holiday Baby tried out sunscreen for the first time – holiday win!), but it meant we also got the opportunity to get out and about.

We decided a visit to Glasgow’s famed Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum followed by a long walk in the sunshine (sans jackets!) would be a perfect way to get a quick city break fix. And it was! I really enjoyed getting a city culture injection and Holiday Baby’s little face as he took in his surroundings was a picture of pure joy.

Out at Kelvingrove

A perfect afternoon!

If you’re planning a trip to Glasgow, Kelvingrove is an absolute must. From ancient Egyptian artefacts to Impressionist masterpieces, from dinosaur bones to exhibitions celebrating local history (at the moment, there’s a photo of Mr Holiday Addict’s Mum and nephew on the wall!), there really is something for everyone.

My personal highlights? Salvador Dali’s Christ of St John of the Cross. And the building itself, which is nothing short of magnificent.

Inside the Museum

The spectacular interior of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Entry is free, but donations are welcomed.


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