In Your Newcastle Home

On Sunday morning, I went for a walk around the Newcastle and Gateshead Quays.

I wanted to take some photographs and go searching for a story. What I found instead was a place I’d been carrying around in my heart my whole life, thanks to a Geordie poet I used to know.

When I returned to the hotel, the words written below are what came out. They are for him.

Newcastle Gateshead

Newcastle Gateshead

In Your Newcastle Home

Would you know your city now? Would it feel like your own?
Do you recongnise this place years after you’ve flown?

If you walked along the quays, would people guess
That this was the city of your first home address?

You left to seek your fortune, to win a war, to meet your bride.
And now somehow you’re here, my Gateshead tour guide.

In every word you ever spoke, Newcastle stayed strong.
And we got to know your home through every little song.

You were many men in Liverpool – Grandad, Mac and Bill.
But a Geordie you were and would always be, still.

So I ponder what you’d tell me as I walk along the Tyne.
There’d be memories, stories and knowing you, a wee rhyme.

You’d look from the future and see into the past,
Then you’d probably wonder how time moves us on so fast.

And now I’m here in your hometown, thinking just that.
Smiling into the distance, at you in your best trilby hat.

I visited Newcastle and Gateshead for the Traverse travel blogging conference. It was a weekend I’ll always remember.


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