Kinderdijk: The Dutch World of Windmills

Blue skies at Kinderdijk

Picture Holland – picture this?

There’s a good chance you’ll picture windmills if I ask you to think of Holland.

There were certainly windmills on my mind when I knew I’d make my first visit there. But I really wasn’t sure if I’d get the chance to see them, since my trip was only a few days long and its purpose was to attend the TBU conference for travel bloggers in Rotterdam.

And then there was the rain. Lots of it. The kind that makes most people think “Oh I’m not going out in that!”

But I live in Manchester, you see, and so I laugh in the face of bad weather (if I didn’t, I’d probably only leave the house approximately 9 times in a year). I generally take a Gene Kelly approach to any worthy storm or pathetic show of drizzle.

Kinderdijk is home to the largest concentration of old windmills in the Netherlands and knowing that this UNESCO world heritage site of windmill wonder was only a short boat trip away from Rotterdam – myself and my blogger bud Yishyene from Small Crazy decided it was definitely worth a visit, whatever the weather.

Bikes and Windmills

The weather changed…and the windmills were waiting!

Fortunately, the sun got wind that we were off to play out and decided to shine for us, rather like it should in the month of May. The prospect of windmills in the sun was now even more exciting than before. Plus, we were also joined by Gohemian Traveller Emma and Beyond Blighty’s Arianwen  which was the icing on the cake for our grand afternoon out.

The Girls at Kinderdijk

The girls – Yishyene, Emma and Arianwen

It turns out Kinderdijk is the picture of Holland I’d always imagined, and leaping around in a land of windmills is just plain good fun.

As is having your photo taken inside a giant clog. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, fancy footwear is a great friend to me and the experience portrayed in the photo below has taught me that if all else fails, I know I’ll be happy to become the Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe.

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

Oh yes. I feel quite at home.

So when you fancy a change from the city sights and the intriguing architecture of Rotterdam, get on a boat and head to Kinderdijk for the afternoon.

If you want to know how happy Holland can make a person, this is one place that might help you find out.

The Land of Windmills

Happiness is Holland

Useful Info:

Visit for details on visiting the windmills including opening times and admission charges. (Remember, just walking about and enjoying the views is completely free!)

Check out the Things to do in Rotterdam page on Holland Pass for info on the three hour round trip by boat to Kinderdijk (€14.50 per person)

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Would you like to visit the windmills of Kinderdijk? Have you been here already? Let me know in the comments…


  • Arianwen says:

    We really should have made videos of us trying to get in and out of that shoe!! Good times!! 🙂

    • Clare says:

      Ha ha! I am sure any video featuring my attempts to get in and out of it would be something like that one of Bridget Jones sliding down the pole in the fire station! Good times indeed! 🙂

  • Agness says:

    It’s so awesome you girls met together! I love, love, love this place – so charming and picturesque. I am moving to Holland next September and I’m adding this place to my Holland bucket list :).

    • Clare says:

      Moving to Holland? That sounds amazing! You’ll love Kinderdijk. I’m really hoping to see more of the Netherlands next year. Maybe I’ll see you?! That would be lovely!

  • Sofie says:

    I’d love to visit Kinderdijk. Actually can’t believe I haven’t been yet, as it’s so close to where I live (Belgium). But with winter coming, I think I’ll keep it for spring:-)

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