Life’s a Party in Liverpool; the City with a Soundtrack

There’s music on the streets of Liverpool every minute of every day. From enthusiastic buskers to scarily accurate Beatles tribute acts; from gifted students at Paul McCartney’s LIPA to ambitious gigging musicians, Liverpool life is set to a soundtrack.

Sunday Afternoon at the Cavern

There’s live music in The Cavern every day

Walk into any pub on a Sunday afternoon and you’d be forgiven for thinking it was Saturday night. Live artists practise their craft day in and day out in this music mad city; there’s always an audience. And that audience is often dressed to impress because life is short, so you might as well live it like it’s a party. Plus, if you decide to take to the stage yourself, at least you’ll be ready. You wouldn’t be the first.

Liverpool doesn’t really choreograph flash mob performances. It doesn’t need to. The dancing just happens along with the singing. All the time. Anywhere and everywhere.

Sometimes, music takes over completely (we like to make the most of a free Monday off work). This May Bank Holiday weekend sees the Liverpool Sound City Festival take place, while later in the year, the ultimate city wide gig will be happening. Showing off a new look and injected with a new lease of life since 2013, the Liverpool International Music Festival in August is a don’t-miss event.

It’s evolved into an exciting and culturally diverse weekend that includes performances by the likes of the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra as well as home grown, local bands. All on top of some obligatory Beatles homage. You might struggle to get a hotel if you don’t book early, but worry not! The impromptu stuff going on all year round can be just as fun.

Mathew Street

There’s always a party in Mathew Street. It’s the heart of Liverpool’s musical history

You probably already know plenty about Liverpool’s musical heritage, The Beatles have an influence that continues to ripple through today’s music . And although the Fab Four are undoubtedly the main chapter in our city’s song book, they’re not the whole story by any means.

Mathew Street Montage

More Beatles stuff. Why not? Oh, and I met my man in the Rubber Soul. Then he danced me down Mathew Street at 3am singing Frank Sinatra songs

What you need to know is this:

If you don’t take life too seriously and you don’t mind mingling with locals who’ll have adopted you as their own by the end of the day (or night); if you bob along (or sing along) to music of any kind whenever you hear it and if you’re happy to put your plans in the bin and just go where a good time takes you, then you need to go to Liverpool. 

You might see the ultimate Neil Diamond sing-along happen on a Liverpool night bus or you could crash a wedding and end up jumping joyfully in unison with several generations of the same family to the sound of Human by The Killers (for the record – I never crashed that wedding; I was the bride).

This is a city where life’s the party and we never bothered to make a guest list. We were too busy giving a song.

Have you been to Liverpool? would you like to go? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Lucy says:

    Shamefully I’ve never been to Liverpool, but am going to have to remedy this soon! I was saying the same to Alison at See My Travels and saying I have some free time in June so might have to do a bit of a UK tour so shall be after you both for tips!

  • Julika says:

    I must admit I knew little to nothing about Liverpool, but you make it sound like such an amazing city! I love that music is so omnipresent there!

    • Clare says:

      I hope you visit one day. I may be biased, but Liverpool is really increasing in popularity these days and large numbers of the student population stick around after the finish uni – I am sure you’d enjoy it! And thanks for the kind words about the post!

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