London: Cheese and Wine, a Show and a Z Bed in Soho

The concept of Z Hotels completely won me over on a recent trip to Liverpool, so when I got the chance to stay with them again in London, I knew that Z Soho would be perfect for a proper sightseeing city break.

Z Hotels Soho

Z Hotels in London’s Soho

You see, Z Hotels have hit on something as brilliant as it is blindingly obvious. They’re a hotel group aimed right at city lovers who, well, love to see cities. Simple, eh? You bet, but there’s some rather smart stuff going on here.

The hotel rooms are compact so that you get real value for money, but there’s no scrimping on the finish. Or the location. It’s just that everything’s designed with weekend city breakers in mind; savvy travellers who like to keep their standards high (like my good self), but have no intention of wasting time mooching in hotel rooms when they could be out wandering.

Bang in the middle of Soho, the area surrounding this particular Z Hotel was buzzing on a weekend night. And you might even manage to get a room with a balcony, so you can watch the world go by from above once your shoes start hurting. Bonus.

Z Soho Balcony, Courtyard and Roof

Our balcony, the courtyard and the roof at Z Hotel in Soho

One of the best things about Z Hotels is their cheese and wine buffets, available in all three of their hotels. Complimentary (yes, free wine) for guests, this was exactly what we needed post Saturday sightseeing and pre-West End show. Plenty enough to keep us going until a late dinner.

Cheese and wine

Oh go on then!

And speaking of shows? My recommendation has to be Once The Musical. Get seats in the stalls and arrive early. You won’t be disappointed, but that’s all I’m saying – I don’t want to give the game away and spoil the surprise.

What I will tell you, however, is that this show is not a musical as you think you know it. It’s so much more. If you already love the film, you’ll love this too. And if you haven’t seen the film? Get involved. It’s pretty amazing.

Once the Musical

Once The Musical at the Phoenix Theatre

You can read more about my London weekend here, or you might want to find out why this was the first time I’ve really seen London, despite several visits in the past.

And for a review of Z Hotels in Liverpool, click here.

I was a guest of Z Hotels on my recent London trip, but all the cheese and wine in the world won’t make me say stuff I don’t believe. I’ll be staying at Z Liverpool again soon,  and that’s just because I want to.


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