On Life Lately: Lost for Words


I’ve read that you shouldn’t apologise when you’ve been absent from bloglife for a while; that you should carry on with your next post as if you haven’t been missing in action at all. But for the sake of #take12trips and for those of you who linked up earlier in the year to share your posts, I thought it fair to explain myself a little.

A couple of months ago, I came downstairs and snuggled into my favourite chair after a long day at work, and an almost endless bedtime for Holiday Baby. I told my mister that I needed to sort out the next linky for the #take12trips challenge, but I couldn’t face it. I just did not want to look at a computer screen any more that day.

Now he’s wise my mister, and sometimes he says stuff that frankly just sorts me out.

You love your blog – but if it starts to feel like work, you need to stop. You work all day and this is supposed to be fun.

It didn’t feel like fun.

He went on:

You’re in charge, here. You’re the one who created something from nothing. There’s no pressure on you besides what you’re putting on yourself. Just take a break.

So I did. And today is the first day I’ve opened my laptop since March 29th to do anything other than print out boarding passes.

I haven’t missed it at all, and I don’t know if I’m ready to fall back into regular writing again. But I do know that I’m done beating myself up for not doing what I believe to be enough, or for wishing I’d started my blog a year or two earlier than I did, when finding time in the evenings was much easier for me.

I know I can’t go on comparing myself to other bloggers, or feeling like I’ve failed for not achieving the little writing goals I set myself. Maybe one day this blog will become a business. Maybe it won’t. But it will be nothing at all if I don’t find the fun in it again, that’s for certain.

And so right now, I’m enjoying simple things like drinking Saturday morning coffee (or Sunday afternoon sangria) in the garden on my new patio furniture and watching rubbish on telly without worrying that I should be editing old posts, or sharing new ones furiously on social media. Me and the blog – well, we’re on a bit of a break until I feel better about it. And after reading this post by a favourite blogger of mine, I’ve realised that, yes, it’s ok to feel bad!

I know I’ll be back – and I’ll create better content when that happens. I’ve just come back from Majorca, and soon I’ll be off to Stockholm and then Greece. I’m feeling more inspired after lovely long chats with the mister over cheeky beers on Balearic beaches while Holiday Baby napped during our last trip, so it might well be sooner rather than later that I have some stuff to share.

I might be home now, but I’ve decided my head is still on holiday for a little while longer. I’ll be in touch soon.

Happy travels x




  • It is so easy sometimes for something you love to turn into a chore – especially with social media too which just. Never. Stops.

    I definitely think it’s better to have a break before burnout, whether that’s two days or two months. Besides… we’ll be here waiting when you’re back 🙂

  • Nicola says:

    Thank you and well done! Sorry, those may seem like odd comments to put on this post but I really appreciate and admire your honesty. With so many people now blogging it always feels as if there is an added pressure to keep going, particularly when you have regular readers, but the whole point is that it is meant to be fun. I’d much rather my favourite bloggers took time out to be themselves than stressed themselves out because they are “meant to be” writing regular posts, even if it is only a hobby. I’m really pleased that you’ve taken some time for yourself and I hope that if you do return to blogging it is in your own time and you enjoy it again. Self-care is so much more important than a small corner of the internet!

    • Clare says:

      This was lovely to read – thank you! You’re so right. For me, when I think I’m “meant to be” writing, genuine words just won’t come. Sometimes we all need to step back and take a break.

  • Keep the holiday mode going for as long as possible! The Mister is absolutely right… if it feels like work, it’s not fun like it should be 🙂

    • Clare says:

      Definitely agree! I know it needs to be fun again, now. I’d lost that, but the responses to this post have helped tremendously.

  • Lizzie says:

    Such a great post! I think there’s an idea that blogging needs to be a business now, and whilst I know it is for some people, I think it really should be fun as well. Also with a job, a toddler and the rest of life I do find life is very full already. As someone who is massively behind with their #take12trips post I’m also not so sad I’m not seeing how behind I am 😉 they’ll all get written in the end. Thank you so much for your wonderful website and I’ll look forward to all your future posts and enjoy them more knowing you’re enjoying writing them.

    • Clare says:

      So many thank yous for this! And I am definitely feeling much more in love with words again, so hopefully there’ll be some stuff for you to read and enjoy again x

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