When You Need Another Holiday…Book One!

Gaudi in Barcelona

Where to next? Barcelona! (image from pixabay)

As we made our way into 2016, I realised one of the benefits of taking maternity leave was that I still had a bunch of holidays to take from work. So I found myself booking a couple of weeks off at the end of March (that’ll be now, woo hoo!).

Some time away from the office after my first few months back full time, following a year’s absence was definitely needed. I really got the feeling of burn out.

But with moving house recently, I thought spending my time off at home would be just fine. I was wrong.  As March arrived I felt a bit gutted that I didn’t have a trip booked. Like most people, there are things at home I just need to get away from every now and then.

You see, sometimes physically removing yourself from the pressures of everyday life is the only way to get a bit of peace. I wanted to be somewhere completely different. I felt an overwhelming need to just get away. In short, I just needed another holiday.

I imagined sipping a coffee (or a beer, or maybe a cocktail) in a cafe lined square, surrounded by the sound of another language. Yes, I thought. I want some of that.

So I got busy with skyscanner, plugging in my local airports with destination everywhere, and searching every possible combination of dates that would work for me; watching as the results loaded in order of ascending price.

And now? Well, we’re off to Barcelona for a short family city break! I’ve been there before, but there’s not much about it on this blog because when I visited back in 2008, this site wasn’t even a twinkle. However, given that I’ll return there armed with my notepad and a much better camera, you can expect that to change! So stay tuned…

Any tips for my trip? Please let me know in the comments!

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