New Year’s Eve: A Poem

Where on Earth do they go? These years that pass?
It’s the day for that question we never fail to ask.

How many moments did we waste? How many did we miss?
On December 31st, the year ends with thoughts like this.

Next year we’ll do better. But what does that mean?
Real life can never mirror an impossible dream.

Some of us focus on mistakes, on our faults and our flaws.
Closing curtains is much easier than opening doors.

But New Year isn’t just about what has gone by.
Though I know I’m one of many who’ll have a good cry.

Because the people we were with – well, some of them leave.
Our lives, or this world. And so for them, we grieve.

But we need to be grateful. For we are still here.
And anything is possible in a whole new year.

Change the world if you want to. Or just change your hair.
Go big, go small, but promise please, go somewhere.

And don’t look backward, or inward, or too far ahead.
Just be kind. Just be open. Just be here, instead.

Who knows where twelve more months of moments will lead?
Resolve just to enjoy them, and you’ll find what you need.

Happy New Year,

Love Clare x

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