New York City in Black and White

Intoxicating. Overwhelming. Majestic. Bustling. Loud. Colourful. Dirty. Spectacular. Brash. Vibrant.

To me, these are all words that describe New York City. It’s everything a city could possibly be in so many ways, and making your way through Manhattan can be a journey not just of miles, but of many emotions. If I’m honest, sometimes I loved it and sometimes I really didn’t like it at all. But still it intrigues me.

In this post, I’ve tried to strip the city of all the noise, to pare it back to its bones so I can try to appreciate its beauty in a different way. And here’s what I’ve come up with; a series of photos in black and white.

I hope you like them.

Guggenheim Museum

The curves of the Guggenheim

The Stoop

Time out on the stoop

Empire State Building

Reflection of the Empire State Building

Police Horse in NYC

Police horse in NYC


Towering above the Natural History Museum

The Universe is Made of Stories

A truth on a New York street

Little Italy

Little Italy. The scene of a crime?

Chrysler Building

The beautiful Chrysler Building


Welcome to Harlem

New York Public Library

The New York Public Library

Soho Street

A Soho street. And some fabulous cast iron architecture.

Rockefeller Centre

The Rockefeller Center

Manhattan Bridge

Marvelling at the view of the Manhattan Bridge


New York Brownstones

Looking for Liberty

Looking for Liberty

Now I know my photography is a work in progress; I think it always will be, and I’ve upgraded my camera since this trip because I felt I couldn’t do enough with my little point and shoot. But still, I’d love to know which photo is your favourite.

Let me know in the comments…


  • Vlad says:

    Sighing throughout the entire post. I’ve always wanted to go to New York! I love all pictures, my favorite has got to be the one with the New York Brownstones 🙂 I’m always trying to improve my photography and I recently bought my first DSLR, it’s such a huge difference from my old compact camera. I always want to revisit some places just to take better photos of them, haha.

    • Clare says:

      Thanks Vlad – I know what you mean about wanting to revisit places t take better photos. Top of my list for that is Venice, and I’ve already been twice! My photos just don’t do it justice.

  • Lucy says:

    Ah, New York, you know how much I love it! And it looks great in black and white – my favourite is the Empire State Building reflection, lovely angle on it.

    My top tip for black and white photography is the Silver Efex Pro programme, it lets you really bring out the contrast and stops shots looking flat (you have to pay for it but there is a free trial is you want to play about with it).

    • Clare says:

      Thanks for the tip, Lucy – I’ll check that programme out. I am trying to play a bit more with my photos. I definitely want to improve! I am so glad I upgraded my camera – it was New York that made me decide to just that. As soon as we came back I bought the new one, I just wish I’d done it before we went!

  • I like the photo of the Little Italy! Looks like a scene from an old detective movie.

  • Olivia says:

    Beautiful photos Claire! I could go back to NYC a hundred times. I love your New York Library shot, there’s just something about that place!

  • Elle Croft says:

    I love these pictures, especially the one of the New York Public Library – it oozes atmosphere!

  • Anna says:

    God these are beautiful! I’m moving to New York in a few weeks after living abroad for two years. It’s going to be an adjustment, but photos like these make me excited!

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