Only You, Positano. Only You.

When I was thirteen years old I learned about a place called Positano from a film called Only You on a trip to the cinema.

Perfect Positano

Perfect Positano

Robert Downey Jr got me dreaming of real old-school romance in Italy, a country I’d never visited. At the time, wearing clothes that were firmly set in a 1994 fashion fail, my mind was, as it still is, firmly set in the vintage glamour of 1954 (or thereabouts). To me, it’s never really the cinema – it’s always the pictures.

I watched the movie travel from Venice to Rome and I positively swooned. And then, when the story made its way down the Amalfi Coast to Positano, the pastel shades poured from the screen in glorious technicolour and I swear my teenage heart stopped.

I’ll never get to a place like that, I thought. If Only.

Positano church and cliffs

Glorious colour. Everywhere

Well, I made it. I’ve managed to see Venice (twice) and Rome (on honeymoon), but now I’ve seen Positano, too. My own Italian romance is complete.

I’m not ashamed to say I’ve watched Only You so many times that I could play the lead in it. And on my recent day trip from Sorrento to perfect Positano, I kind of did. Even if it was only in my own head.

I made it to Positano

I made it!

In Positano anyone can star in their own Italian love story. And so much the better if the love is just between you and the place itself.

So go. Dance down the steps, drink up the limoncello. See the colours of the cliffside clinging houses and smell the sweet, sweet flowers. Leave your whole heart there, not just a piece of it.

You’ll be back. I know I will.

Positano Peeps Out

One last look…

Get there:

We took the lazy option (I was on holiday after all!) of a full day semi-private excursion from Sorrento. It cost us around €100 per person including a three course lunch with wine, and allowed us to visit Positano for a few hours before also moving on to Amalfi and Ravello (stay tuned).  But the SITA local bus service offers a more budget friendly option. You could also check out this Positano and Amalfi Coast Guide.  And if you like your views from the sea, take a boat trip! Whatever works for you and your pocket!

Have you been to Positano? Would you like to go?



  • Jo says:

    I just love it when I finally get to a destination that I’ve been longing for and it is everything I had hoped!

    • Clare says:

      I know what you mean, Jo. Sometimes you worry a tiny bit that a place won’t quite live up to the expectation, but Positano positively did! I’d love to have spent an evening there, eating dinner and drinking wine while enjoying the sun set…Oh dear, I’m off again!

  • Agness says:

    I absolutely adore this scenery. I can feel summer in the air. Can’t wait to make it there!! Love your top 🙂

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