Paved in Gold: Munich’s Memorial to Those Who Chose Their Own Path

Walking down Munich’s Viscardigasse, a small street in the centre of the city, you’ll see a gold pathway marked out on the paving stones.

It’s a subtle tribute to the citizens of the city who could not bring themselves to make the Nazi salute as they passed by the monument commemorating the death of Nazi sympathizers who died during the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch, when Hitler tried to seize power in Munich.

Munich Gold Path

Munich’s subtle gold tribute to its citizens.

The gold path snakes its way along the street, outlining the route that those who wanted to resist would have taken as they scurried down it in order to avoid passing the monument. But making their own silent protest meant that they were taking a risk. Those who refused to salute would possibly face a future in Dachau if caught, or at the very least be on the receiving end of a brutal beating.

Now though, their memory has been plated in gold. You can follow their path and be quietly grateful that although you might try to put yourself in their shoes, you’ll hopefully never have to endure similar struggles or threats to your freedom.

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Have you been to Munich? Did you visit the golden path? How did it make you feel? Let me know in the comments.


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