September’s #Take12Trips: A Beer Festival and a Big Day Out in Manchester

MOSI Street Art

The story of the MOSI’s railway heritage, in wall art

A huge part of my challenge to #take12 trips over the next twelve months will be finding ways to keep the travel bug satisfied when there’s no time or money for proper holidays.

I’ve got plenty planned for October that will use up both funds and annual leave from work, so September has been a somewhat quiet month. Still,  knew I’d be able to see it off in style with a day out in the city I call home.


Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry

Drinking beer in a museum isn’t something you get the chance to do very often, but Manchester’s Food and Drink Festival meant there was a celebration of beery goodness taking place in one of the city’s best museums; the MOSI (Manchester Museum of Science and Industry).

There were three bars set up in the museum’s Power Hall, with continental beers and local ciders available in addition to a rather impressive selection of real ales.

MOSI Real Ale Festival 2013

Beer in a museum? Makes perfect sense to me. And did I mention the 80s soundtrack?

Personally, I decided to go German with some Hofbrau Oktoberfest beer followed by a rather fancy cherry brew from Belgium. There’s nothing like a taste of places you’ve visited before to bring back happy (or perhaps tipsy) memories!

The Power Hall itself is a fantastic space brought to life with the sights, sounds and smells of the past. The exhibitions here are not just on display – they’re alive and chugging away; huffing and puffing and clunking and clicking proudly, as they prove that people knew how to make things properly back in the heyday of industrial revolution.

Outside of the Power Hall, the beer might not have been flowing but there was no shortage of stuff to get stuck in to. The old train station setting just adds to the whole MOSI experience.

MOSI Railway Heritage

A little bit of travel history

Beer festival or not, this is truly one of the best museums I’ve ever visited.

And best of all, admission is completely free.

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