#Take12Trips 2017: Places and Plans

It feels like I’ve only just finished my Christmas dinner (maybe because I’m still polishing off left over cheese?), yet already we’re halfway through January. I sense 2017 will be another flier!

But here are still 12 months of it to fill with adventure, and so I’ve already been busy plotting my travels.

Here’s what I’ve booked so far:

Hamburg in February


I missed Germany at Christmas, so this seemed like a good plan to make up for that. Plus, I only paid £83 total for return flights for all three of us!

Majorca in June


I kind of can’t believe I haven’t been to Majorca! I mean, it’s such a popular holiday destination. It’s the one Balearic island that has so far escaped me and I’m looking forward to putting that right!

Zakynthos in August


Would I go a year without Greece? Do you even know me!? I adore Greece more with every visit. It’s my proper holiday heaven. And this year will mark my 14th (or 15th? I’ve lost count!) visit. I know I’ll love every minute.

But enough about me. Because #take12trips is about you, too. So there’s news:

The #Take12Trips Link Up is Coming!


#Take12Trips Linky Button


I’ve been trying to think of the best way to keep track of all you take 12 trippers (there are so many of you now, it’s great!). So at the end of January, I’ll be hosting the first #take12trips blog link up.

It’ll be a monthly thing held here on the last Monday of each month. I do hope you’ll join the linky with your own updates so we can keep each other inspired and travelling. Please come back on 30th January for the first installment!

And if you want to know how the challenge began, read this post.

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