#Take12Trips April – June: The City Break Edition

take12trips April -June

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It’s the same story every time. We get to the end of June and collectively start wondering what the hell happened to half a year. Wasn’t I eating sprouts and pulling crackers only yesterday; thinking all that festive over indulgence was totally ok because there’d be loooaaads of time before I’d need to fit back into my summer gear? Well, here we are in July and in all honesty, given that it’s bloody freezing (slight exaggeration) and lashing down with rain (the absolute truth), I’m starting to wonder if July isn’t actually October in disguise. Hmmmm.

Oh, and I won’t be buying a smaller cozzie (read: swimmimg costume in proper English) for the beach in Greece because I never did get my healthy act together.  Double hmmmm.

Side thought: How long after having a baby can you legitimately use the “baby weight” excuse? 20 months? Yeah, alright. I know.

Anyway, one thing is for sure – if 2016 is half over that means it’s definitely time for #take12trips update. So here goes…

#Take12Trips 2016 So Far

You’ll know that January through to March was all about local travel for me. But once Spring sprung and we made it to April, I hit the skies once more and ventured abroad.

I took two trips in April (go me!). Firstly, I went to Barcelona where we enjoyed what I reckon was the perfect family friendly city break.


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Then I took the train down to Cardiff in Wales for a weekend of blogging business at the Traverse conference. Catching up with blogging buddies was fab and reminded me why I love the blogosphere so much. As for Cardiff? Well, what I saw, I really liked and I think it’s a great city break destination. But I’m under no illusion that I’ll need to return to appreciate everything the Welsh capital has to offer. This time round, the conference just took up too much of my time.


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May was a quiet month for me, but considering that I won (yes, WON) a £250 Expedia voucher whilst at Traverse, I got to work on booking the next adventure straight away, and so before we knew it, June was here and we jetted of to Porto for a weekend of wine, walking up many hills (whilst pushing a toddler filled buggy) and watching the world go by. It was lovely. And all those hills make for such beautiful views – so you can be sure that there’s plenty of Porto to come on the blog!


What’s Up Next?

Well, July is looking a bit empty for now. But we’ll get up to something. A local day out? Maybe a weekend in Scotland when we can also visit family? And then August will be here and I’ll be off to Greece. Have I mentioned I love Greece before? Maybe once or twice, eh? (× 100).

After that? I’m not sure. But I am absolutely determined to complete the #take12trips challenge this year! So let’s do this! Who’s still with me?


  • That sounds a fun few months – Porto is definitely on my list. And it was fab to finally meet you at Traverse. I’m still carrying on with the challenge again – I think it’s all about to get more challenging in the second half of 2016…

  • You have had some great trips! Barcelona still holds a special place in my heart from my study abroad days. Looking forward to reading about Porto as I still haven’t made it to Portugal yet! I’m off to Sag Harbor in the Hamptons next weekend for what I hope is a glorious weekend. And August is my long awaited trip to the Utah National Parks. I have everything booked through November so I need to think of something good for the last two months of the year. I’m determined to finish it with you too!

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