#Take12Trips January – March 2016: Travelling Locally in Liverpool

The thing about being obsessed with travel, is that it so often means being fixated on visiting far away places. It’s certainly true for me – I want to fly off to a new city as often as I can. But sometimes it’s just not possible. And even when it is, I think it’s time I started asking myself what exactly I’m looking for when I want to fly away, because I might not necessarily need to board a plane in a bid to find it.

Fly Away

Flying away. I can’t help but love it.

This is why travelling locally is such a big part of #take12trips. The challenge isn’t about showing off; it’s about finding fulfilling experiences. It’s about enjoyment and exploration. You needn’t go far. And in the first quarter of this month, I didn’t go far at all. I stayed in Liverpool where I live now.

Here’s how I got on:

January: The Museum of Liverpool


Inside the Museum of Liverpool.

An impromptu “I need to get out of this house,” moment led us here on a day when the weather was what can probably be best described as tolerable. I’d taken an afternoon off work for an appointment,  but when I was done we headed into town with Holiday Baby, his grandparents and my nephew.  Now, Holiday Baby has been in a good few museums before, but not for a while, and he’s so much more aware now. In short, he and his cousin (who’s only 8 weeks older), went nuts. It was all gasping and pointing and trying to run in three directions at once because they were so excited. Brilliant fun.

February: The Mersey Ferry


I never get tired of that view from the water!

I’ve been on the ferry a few times in recent years because I love it. But I love it more when I’m with ferry first timers, just as I was on this occasion since my mother and father in law were visiting. It’s such an iconic way to see the historic Liverpool waterfront. And I got to play tour guide, which I always enjoy!

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March: The Fab Four Taxi History Tour


A guided tour is a great way to see this wonderful cathedral

Holiday Baby stayed home for this one, and it was nice to do something a bit grown up for a change. Fab Four Taxi Tours specialise in The Beatles, but this history tour was brilliant for both Beatles and more. It’s all about the stories behind buildings and monuments you see, but never give much more than a passing “oh that’s nice,” nod to. And a half hour guided tour of the spectacular Anglican Cathedral is included  (though I recommend a visit to the Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral, too if you’re in the city).

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You can bet I’ll be doing more local Liverpool travel as the year goes on. But next month it’s time to take to the skies again – first up, Barcelona. Then back in the UK I’ll be heading to the Welsh capital, Cardiff to get stuck into Blogging business  at the Traverse blogging conference.

Where has your #take12trips challenge taken you so far in 2016? And where will you go next?

Useful Info

Entry to the Museum of Liverpool is free but donations are welcome

The Mersey Ferry costs £10 per adult for a return trip (£9 if you buy online)

The Fab Four Taxi History Tour costs £60 and lasts approx 3 hours



  • Lizzie says:

    Inspired by take 12 trips in 2016.

    First up a long weekend in Cornwall in January, at the fab St Moritz hotel, got a deal door BB, used local pubs for good walking lunches.
    Feb saw us in Portugal, first in Porto the train to Lisbon.
    March an impromptu weekend with the caravan into the New Forest. V. Cold but dry with beautiful winter skies and ponies munching away, good excuse for cake and hot chocolate.

  • That’s one of the things I love most about your challenge – it encourages you to look closer to home as well. If money, time and babies were no object, anyone could just book trips regardless but I’ve found myself exploring more places in London, and right in my local area as well. Off to a good start for 2016 too, my third year trying the challenge, but I think the last part of the year will be our trickiest bit.

    • Clare says:

      I’m really starting to enjoy looking closer to home – I think it’s because it hasn’t been home for so many years, so it’s nice to try and see it in a different way and to appreciate Liverpool a bit more. I guess, really, I was a teenager when I last lived here full time (whaaaaat?), and back then, my appreciation stretched as far as Miss Selfridge and several bars than have since shut down!

  • bevchen says:

    Ooh, you have some fantastic places right on your doorstep! Great start to 2016 🙂

    I’ve decided to redo take 12 trips in 2016. In January I went to Zurich, February was an afternoon spent in a pretty town just down the road and March was this year’s “big” trip – 2 weeks in New Zealand! I’m yet to find out where April will take me.

    • Clare says:

      How exciting! I must catch up with your blog! Two weeks in New Zealand sounds amazing – I’d love to visit. Australia doesn’t appeal to me too much, but New Zealand definitely does!

  • Sometimes we take for granted what is close by and miss the beauty of it. Travelling locally is a must. A short car journey, a short trip by air…so many things to see and Liverpool is FAB!

    • Clare says:

      We do take what is close for granted so often – well worth making the effort to see local stuff through different eyes! And I am so glad you like Liverpool!

  • I love this idea! Am I too late for 2016? I have done a fair bit this year so going to add them up and challenge myself to take and meet the #take12trips challenge

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