#Take12Trips: Looking For Inspiration? Look No Further…

Departure Gates

There’s no last call for joining the #take12trips challenge. Board any time you like!

September marked a year of Need Another Holiday, and to celebrate I’ve embarked on a mission to make sure I #take12trips in the next 12 months (with any luck I’ll manage even more).

October is the start for me and I’ve already visited Dublin for the TBEX blogging conference, but the Big One for this month is now upon me –  my first trip to New York. To say I can’t wait would be the understatement of my life.


New York, New York! (image: Wikimedia Commons)

The thing is though, #take12trips isn’t just about me – it’s about you too, because it’s a challenge for anyone who wishes they could travel more but feels like work often gets in the way.

For me, the most rewarding part of the challenge will not be taking my own trips; it will be seeing where you go – because I really hope that you’ll get involved.

So far, I’ve been completely overjoyed to get some other bloggers I love in on the act. Why don’t you follow them on their travels too?

Check out Glamour in the County’s Lula Belle, who’s an expert in enjoying stylish short breaks and Kooky Traveller, Kirsten, who’ll be mixing up big adventures with mini ones. Or how about my twitter friend Pandora Skies who always has several exciting trips lined up?

Make sure you also look up Lucy from On the Luce, whose local travels have made for some of the reads I’ve loved most of late, Nicole who believes that this challenge is one way to help live A Life Less Beige and Jac, the Occasional Traveller, who I was so glad to finally meet in Dublin after we’d been in touch for ages by email. (She’s just returned from Prague in case you’re interested…)

Then there’s Travel Bunny Suzanne who made an overnight stay with girlfriends count as trip number one, Bon Voyage Lauren who’s starting her challenge in January and Jessi from Two Feet, One World who’s another travelling gal I’ve connected with through the power of the tweet machine. She’s ticking off her London Bucket List amongst other things.

I can’t wait to see where everyone goes and I’m ready to hoover up all their trip ideas.

So please do look up these fabulous ladies for some serious travel inspiration.

And follow #take12trips on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In the meantime, news from Need Another Holiday in New York City will be coming soon….


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