The 2015 #Take12Trips Update

2015 take 12 trips update

#Take12Trips started here in 2013 as a little idea I had to both celebrate my first year of blogging and to motivate me for the 12 months that would follow. I had no idea it would catch on. But this thought I had driving to work one day has somehow seeped its way around the web.

Dare I say it, it’s actually inspired people to get out and see a bit more of the world, whether that be by booking flights, or simply spending an afternoon in a corner of a hometown as yet unexplored.

I’m amazed, overjoyed and a little bit proud. I’ve met wonderful people online and in person through my quest to keep taking 12 trips in 12 months – the sense of community is something I love. And although personally (for many reasons), I didn’t reach my target in 2015, I did travel abroad three times with Holiday Baby when he was 6 months, 9 months and 13 months old. I feel that makes the year something of a travel success! And there were some local days out, too.

At the moment, I’m loving reading the highlights of this year’s take 12 trippers. I just wish I’d kept up the monthly round up posts I’ve done in the past. But moving house (twice – what a saga!), starting a new job after a year of maternity leave, and being without our own WiFi for far too long has meant I’ve not been as involved as I should have been. For that, readers, I’m sorry. But we’re about to enter a new 12 months and this challenge isn’t going anywhere. In fact, I’m more up for it than ever in 2016. But even though I didn’t hit the target – here are the highlights from my own year in travel:


Inside the Museum

Inside Kelvingrove

A trip up north to see family led to an afternoon of city break style culture. I love a good museum and I love a beautiful building – Kelvingrove is a perfect combination of both. And as I grow to know Glasgow through repeated visits, I can assure you it’s a great destination for a long weekend.


Looking back at the beach

My boys in Menorca

Ah the sun! It shone in Menorca for sure. Our first flight with Holiday Baby took us here and it was a brilliant island to visit with a little’un. Cue lovely walks, lazy days in the pool and the odd cheeky beer while the bambino slept. As for the flights? Well, all I can say is that the anticipation of flying with a baby is much worse than the reality. Just do it.

The Mersey Ferry

View of Liverpool

View of Liverpool from the walk to New Brighton

Ah, the Mersey Ferry. A Liverpool institution. But while most visitors will probably do the round trip and hop off where they hopped on at Liverpool’s Pier Head, how about something different? We left the ferry at Seacombe on the Wirral instead and took the walk along the waterfront to the old seaside town of New Brighton. It’s about 2 miles of promenade, perfect for pushchairs, bikes or just your feet. The views of Liverpool’s waterfront are quite majestic. And if you don’t fancy walking all the way back? Do as we did. Have a bite to eat and jump on the bus back to liverpool instead. The tunnels may not provide a scenic route, but we’d already had our lovely walk, so we didn’t mind at all.


With Holiday Baby in Southport

Loving the sun in Southport

I’ve always loved Southport. I think it’s just that childhood seaside days out thing. This particular trip was the first time I visited with Holiday Baby. We were spoiled by beautiful weather, and I was reminded of why I love the north-west.


Aghios Nikolaos Marina

Crete. Just Crete.

Were we crazy to take 2 babies to Greece? Both of them under one? Well, no. Although I’m sure plenty on board our flight looked at our party with a sense of dread. They needn’t have. Holiday Baby and his cousin seemed quite content in the sky and after the flight out, we never worried about the journey home in the slightest. As for Crete? I grow to love it more with every visit. But then you regular readers know how attached I am to the Greek Islands. Visiting with 2 babies was like travelling with A list celebrities. VIP all the way! Bliss.


Bremen at Christmas

Bremen at Christmas

I was adamant that we after a year off we needed to pick up our new tradition of a Christmas markets city break again. As it happened, we’d only moved into our new house 2 weeks before the trip and there was still loads to do. The day before we left I had a mini meltdown largely down to the fact that I’d done absolutely no Christmas shopping AND it was the first year I was cooking Christmas dinner. Was I mad? I started to think so. I mean Christmas was less than a week away! But it turned out to be a brilliant idea. We returned three days later fully festivised (made up word, but I like it!), and on the 23rd, my sister and I blitzed the shops in a spookily quiet Liverpool city centre. Then all my Christmas food landed on my doorstep the following morning thanks to online grocery shopping. As for Bremen? Well, it was a beautiful city – I heartily recommend it.

And that was it. My year in travel! I’ll definitely be committing to #take12trips again in 2016 and I hope you will, too.  In the meantime, check out the #take12trips archives. And look out for all the all new Need Another Holiday website coming soon.


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