Why it’s Time to See More Manchester

Exploring Manchester

Time to see more of the streets in this fine city!

Fourteen years after moving here, it’s probably about time I finally started thinking of Manchester as my home.

My Liverpool accent might remain as thick as a bowl of my mum’s Scouse (local delicacy and the culinary equivalent of a comfy jumper), but I can’t hide from the fact that I’ve lived in a different city for nearly half my life, even if I do still only speak out loud to people in my phone voice. I don’t think that will ever change, but I certainly feel like it’s high time I showed my adopted hometown a bit more love.

I can’t deny that the people of Manchester are a brilliant bunch of folk (my work colleagues have been known to make me laugh so hard that I’ve cried on more than one occasion), but there’s some excellent stuff to see in this city, too.

So I’ll tell you about some places, both old to me and new, that I plan on making time to visit in the near future. Hopefully they’ll help me achieve even more than my #take12trips challenge promises to deliver.

And if you ever come to Manchester yourself, here they are:

The People’s History Museum

This museum is all about the history of working people in Britain. I’ve visited before, and found it both fascinating and moving. There are changing exhibitions as well as permanent collections, and the museum now has a new cafe bar, so I’ll make time to stop for coffee and cake before I finish my visit and head off to explore the surrounding area of Spinningfields.


Manchester’s People’s History Museum (image: Wikimedia Commons)

The Museum of Science and Industry

I first came here on a school trip, many moons ago. It’s a special place for a secret science geek like myself. The MOSI also celebrates Manchester’s industrial heritage and has its home on the site of a grade I listed railway station.


Inside the MOSI (image: Visit Manchester)

Gallery of Costume

Situated in a Georgian house, this gallery houses 20,000 fashion items, with the oldest dating from the 17th century. They are currently running an exhibition celebrating Christian Dior, so I can’t think of a better place for me to go window shopping without the danger of me flashing the plastic!

Dior at the Gallery of Costume

Dior at the Gallery of Costume (image: Manchester Galleries)

Media City

The Salford Quays area has been transformed by Media City – trendy restaurants have popped up and there’s even a Booths food store (though I’m too scared to shop here in case I become addicted and subsequently bankrupt myself). This area also boasts the wonderful Imperial War Museum North, a place I have visited before, but will never tire of.

Media City

Yes, this is Salford. It rocks. (image: Wikimedia Commons)

Manchester Airport’s Runway Visitor Park

Here, it’s possible to take a Champagne VIP tour of Concorde. I think I would look pretty good drinking bubbles on Concorde. It would certainly be a world away from wearing overalls on the runway apron (done that – all in a day’s work) and it sounds perfect for a travel obsessive who likes to pretend she’s a bit posh.


Concorde. I bet it was quite a flight. (image: Wikimedia Commons)

That’ll do for now, but what do you think? Although I know you might have heard it’s mostly rainy here, don’t let the weather put you off.

Remember – it’s only water. So put your Mac on, man up and get thee to Manchester.

Have you been to Manchester? Let me know. And give me any tips on what else I might have missed and should really make the time to see.


  • Lauren Meshkin @BonVoyageLauren says:

    Yes, it is only water! I leaned that quickly while I was living in London last year, and it didn’t even rain as much as I expected! The Gallery of Costume and Champagne VIP tour of Concorde sound the most exciting to me. I can’t wait to travel back to the UK. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy travels 🙂

    • Clare says:

      Thanks Lauren – watch this space for a post on the Gallery of Costume. I’m planning to go there before the Dior exhibition ends. Hope you make it back to the UK soon (but don’t forget your brolly – just in case).

  • Josh says:

    Great list. I hail from this city too and to be honest I’m always stuck for recommendations when asked by tourists what there is to do there. I always say The MOSI, The Lowry and Old Trafford. Now I’ll have a few more suggestions! Cheers Clare!

    p.s. Manchester vs Liverpool? No contest surely :p

    • Clare says:

      Ooh Manchester vs Liverpool!? Well, I’ll have to go with where my roots are buried, and no matter how fond I am of Manchester it will always be my second city! Glad you got a couple of ideas from the post though – I’m definitely making it my business to find more of the Manchester good stuff.
      Thanks Josh!

  • Lucy says:

    Love the idea of the Concorde tour – definitely one for my next Manchester trip!

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