Travel Beauty Booty: The Holiday Hair Edition

I’ve done some pretty evil things to my hair over the years.

My mum actually wishes we could re-stage my graduation photo because of my hair. You see, the picture is a rather large monstrosity in which my face is framed with a too-short bob in a supermarket shade of muddy brown. My head has never looked more unfortunately spherical and it resembles the embarrassing twin I never had. I’ve never lived it down.

Thankfully, in more recent years, I’ve made peace with the fact that lots of people would quite like a set of long blonde locks, and that means I’m now nothing but grateful to have said look as my own hair default. I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll never buy a cheap bottle of dye from Sainsbury’s again.

These days, my hair only benefits from slight chemical assistance. I go for salon highlights with the idea being that they’ll be so subtle no one even notices. And they hardly ever do (though I often wonder if this has anything to do with working in a place full of oblivious blokes). Still, I remain convinced that it’s money well spent.

Shiny Hair

Shiny hair? Well, I don’t think it’s too bad when aided by a decent sunset.

Such a hair do needs care, however, and as with all manner of other beauty products on my shelf – my home hair regime would be in need of its own luggage allowance when I travel. Frankly, that’s just not an option as I continue on my everlasting mission to pare down my packing to the absolute minimum. Like everything else, it all boils down to priorities. And my main priority will always be shoes.

So how do I take care of my barnet away from home? Read on.

Keep it Clean.

For short trips I just decant the good stuff I use at home into hand baggage friendly bottles. For longer trips, I do the same, but when it runs out I just buy what I can get my hands on wherever I’m going. I never load up my luggage with heavy toiletries, and since I mostly travel in Europe, this isn’t usually a problem. But just in case the stuff in the local shops isn’t great, I do take a small pot of intensive conditioner with me.

For in between wash days, and because I don’t have the patience for hotel hairdryers every day, dry shampoo is my saviour. If I can, I take Toni & Guy. It’s not cheap, but a little goes a long way. I’ve tried several brands and this is definitely my favourite, but Batiste is my back up, and failing that – my hair is fair enough to get away with talc.

Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo

The Good Stuff.

Keep it snag free.

A wide tooth comb and a Tangle Teezer are the best tools if your hair is long. Don’t be tempted to just take a brush to it when it’s wet. Especially if it’s wet because you’ve hit the pool.

Hair tools

Key hair tools.

Keep it up.

Covered bands are obvious choices and I always carry a few, but what about a hair donut? I can have hair that’s Audrey Hepburn chic with two bands and no clips in less than five minutes. And I don’t have to think about hair in my face when the weather is hot. Genius.

Hair Up

Easy peasy. No clips = no headaches. Just scoop into a band and tuck.

Keep it covered.

No. I ain’t swimming in no old-lady cap. But my hair went green when I was kid, so I know what swimming pools can do. Wear a hat to stop you from being tempted to dunk your head when you go for a dip – your hairline and part will also thank you.

Even the loveliest hair in the world looks frightful when it’s decorated with bits of your burnt scalp.

vintage swim cap

I might wear a swimming cap if it meant I’d look like this (image:

So what are your top tips for your when you take your ‘do travelling?

Share the care for good hair in the comments.


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