What to Wear on Holiday When You’re Pregnant – My Summer Essentials

If you’re expecting a baby later this year, big congratulations! You’re probably already sick of people telling you life will never be the same again, so what better excuse to book a holiday, allowing you to have one last break where you can be completely selfish before baby madness takes over?

With any luck, your pregnancy is a breeze, but if you’re like I was, and find yourself wondering how the hell you could board a plane without throwing up, fear not! The middle trimester will be infinitely more kind to most women than the first or the last which makes it the perfect time to take yourself off somewhere for some well deserved rest in the sunshine.

And if you’re wondering how and what to pack – here are my pregnancy summer suitcase essentials:

What to Wear Pregnant Pin


Maxi Dresses

These are so easy to wear for day and night and are super comfortable, making them a total fail-safe option. You’ll probably find that you don’t need to shop maternity for these. If you pick a stretch jersey with a good cut and a drapey style, you should easily get away with your regular size, even with a growing bump (then you can still wear them once the baby is here). Try Phase Eight (a fave of mine) and watch out for their regular sales and seasonal reductions.

Flat Sandals

Do yourself a favour and scrap the heels, even your usual comfy summer wedges. Get something flat and comfortable, but don’t go for anything too strappy and complicated – if your belly is getting big and your back aches you might find them a pain to get on and off. And you may get pregnant lady swollen foot syndrome (joy), so bear that in mind!

Flip Flops

I was pregnant all through Spring and Summer, and I developed a complete aversion to shoes. My hot feet needed freedom and flip flops were my friends! I am a sucker for decent ones, and in the end I was wearing my Havaianas for work as well as play. They were a necessity for my holidays and I took a pair with back straps for a bit of extra support – something I was glad of when strolling the shiny cobbled streets of Croatia.


I’m a linen lover whether with child or not, but I was definitely loving the stretch waist linen maternity trousers I bought from JoJo Maman Bebe. I also wore countless linen shirts, unbuttoned and layered over vests. They’re perfect for sightseeing and slipping on over your swimsuit – and again, they’re ideal for summer regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not.

Vests, Vests and More Vests

Buy maternity from somewhere like H&M, or buy standard in a bigger size for comfort. Look out for longer length ones if you don’t fancy a bit of bump poking out underneath, or spend a few quid on a bump band to let you push the stuff you already have in your summer wardrobe a bit further – it’ll work a treat with any of your favourite tops.

Bikini/ Tankini

Depending on how comfortable you are with exposing your growing bump, you might just go all out and wear your favourite bikini regardless. But if you want a bit more coverage (I like a good retro look swimsuit anyway, so flaunting my belly isn’t really my thing), I recommend a decent maternity tankini. Flattering and much more practical than a full costume for those many visits to the loo that pregnant ladies need to make.

Sun Hat

You need to look after yourself in the heat at the best of times, but pregnancy thirst and fatigue are something else in the sun – make sure you’re never without a hat. I often buy hats on my trips as I find I can get more choice for a better price than at home on the High Street in lots of places. But if I’m taking one with me rather than buying something when I arrive, I just place the hat in my case, shove small stuff like underwear in the head part to keep the shape, and pack around it (unless it’s a roll up hat – even easier!).

Pregnant on Holiday

Pregnant on holiday!

And that’s it! If you’re looking for more pregnancy packing tips, check out this brilliant post by The Travel Hack. Happy pre-baby travels!


  • Monica says:

    Rocking the baby bump, Claire!

    I definitely second your vests, vests and more vests. I could squeeze into a lot of my skirts and trousers right up until now (I’m 39 weeks) so I stocked up on long vests in black and white to hide the fact my tops finished half way up my belly. It must be nice to be pregnant in the summer so you can wear floaty dresses and show off your bump. I’ve been covered up all winter with my bump bundled beneath jumpers.

  • Looking fab in the photos! I think I lived in maxi dresses with my trusty FitFlops and long vests – ended up layering my normal tops over those and maternity jeans most of the rest of the time.

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