What to Wear on Holiday: The Summer Shoe Edition

“A woman is nothing without her shoes.”

Didn’t someone important say that once? No? Oh well. I just did so that’ll do.

I love shoes, but they’re always the sore point when it comes to packing my suitcase. The idea of being away from home without an abundance of pairs to choose from leaves me feeling a bit shaky. I like choice. I need options. I want shoes for every occasion! But it doesn’t make good sense when you’re going on holiday. Shoes are bulky, awkward and add extra weight to your luggage that you just don’t need.

These days, my suitcase also includes a mountain of baby essentials, so it’s even more important that I step away from all the shoes when it comes to packing. Still, a little bit of style is vital –  you won’t catch me ever being a one shoe wonder. Where’s the fun in that?

New Sandals

Love my Salt Water snadals! (Pic from my Snapchat – @holidayaddict23)

This year, my top shoe discovery is Salt-Water sandals (see pic above). I read about these on A Baby on Board and I broke into a sweat. How had I never heard of them before? Naturally, on my next trip to the Trafford Centre, I tried them on. You know, just to see. And then I bought them. Oh dear. I keep forgetting I’m only on maternity pay now.

In my defence, I haven’t had them off my feet since. They’re comfy, they’re cute and you can go in the sea in them. Into the suitcase they’ll go! They might even replace my Birkenstocks this year, as I’m sure they’ll stand up to sightseeing too. I love my Birkies though. And the pair I have (see pic) are so summery and shiny!


My other find of the year is my Menorcan sandals. These traditional Balearic sandals were again something I’m ashamed to say had missed my radar completely. But that soon changed when we took our trip to Menorca in June. I bought two pairs since they’re miles cheaper in Spain than they are in the UK (unless of course they’re on sale). I also brought home a pair each for my mum and sister. We all think they are as comfortable as slippers.


In the UK you can buy both Menorcan sandals and Salt-Water sandals from Office.

I also love my black sandals from Clarks for the summer as they can be smartened up for work and go with most things – but I fear these will stay at home for my holiday since I like to pack shoes in a palette of  neutral browns and metallics. They’re worth a mention though, because I love them!

Clarks sandals


In addition, I’ll also be thinking about taking: 

Tan wedges from Phase Eight– wedges are the closest thing to heels I ever take on holiday. These ones are not too high and are perfect for pairing with a maxi dress for evening dinner and drinks. They’ll look equally as good with my denim shorts.

Phase Eight wedges

Havaianas – my ultimate flip flops for beach and pool. These gold ones a can also be dressed up so easily. But I might just throw in my pink ones too. Come on. They’re light!


Sparkly sandals – well, a bit of summer bling never goes amiss, does it? So these bad boys I bought from Bertie a couple of year ago will add a twinkle to my holiday wardrobe. I doubt you can still get this particular pair, but there’s similar stuff everywhere. And at this time of year, much of it will be in the sale.

Bertie sandals

And which ones will I travel in? My wedges. I was careful to choose a comfortable pair I know can wear with ease for a long time. They’re also the bulkiest of the lot which means I’m saving as much case space as I can!


Summer Shoe Edition




  • Michelle says:

    Love the tan wedges! I’m currently on a semi-shopping ban but one can dream 🙂

  • My blog is exactly about this topic. I claim that what you wear (fashion) matters even when you travel. so this post was very helpful 🙂 all these shoes are gorgeous!

    The Fashion Matters- Fashion & Travel Magazine

  • I very nearly went away with four pairs of shoes for six days recently – couldn’t quite justify that so my shiny new Saltwater sandals had to do double duty. Fortunately I have the yellow patent ones so they’re a bit dressy 🙂

  • I agree, shoes are not very packing-friendly. I always arrange all the clothes I’d pack according to the shoes I’d be bringing not the other way around. Lol.

    I’m bound to attend two weddings in Greece this September and I’m planning to wear two different dresses which will be impossible to go along with just one pair of shoes. So I’m probably going to buy another dress which will fit the shoes. :p

  • Sorry, only just seen this! Aren’t they the best? I could completely justify the purchase as I’ve worn nothing else all summer. Do you think we could get away with wearing them with socks now it’s getting colder?! x

    • Clare says:

      I saw someone wearing hers with tights in Ikea yesterday! So, yes! And I’m already thinking about getting another pair for next year – the tan are fab, but I’m feeling the need for crazy colour!

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