Wrapping Up the Christmas Season: My Festive Fling with Munich

January 6th marks the the final celebration of the Christmas season for many, so it seems fair for me to wrap up my own Christmas with a post about my visit to Munich and the magic of its Christmas markets.

The sun sets on Munich’s Marienplatz, and the fairy lights start to sparkle

We made the decision to go on this trip when we were riding a holiday high in Verona. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to visit Germany for its famous markets, and as we talked about the possibility of cramming in a visit on the weekend before Christmas, our red wine buzz convinced us to go for it.

Fabulously festive market mugs

As usual, the exact destination in Germany would be largely decided by flight options and prices that worked for us. It turned out that Munich was the best fit at the best price, so as soon as we returned from Italy, I booked it. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Christmas market stalls around Munich’s Cathedral

The markets in Munich were everything I hoped for. Much as I love the Manchester version at home, in Munich I found the essence of what they’re all about it. This was especially true in the market we stumbled across at Rosenheimer Platz.  A market for the local community, they served Christmas spirit along with the Gluhwein in every mug.

Locals meeting and mingling in the Rosenheimer Platz market

Families gathered, friends shared jugs of wine, stalls stocking everyday products stood next to those selling beautiful nativity figures and hand made tree ornaments.

Christmas ornaments and nativity figures for sale

The larger markets in and around the Marienplatz square in the centre of the city were busier and more touristy of course, but the fundamental feeling that this is just how Germans do Christmas, was still everywhere.

Shopping for all things Christmas against the backdrop of Munich’s Old Town Hall


Munich’s markets felt genuine and authentic in a way we’ve not yet managed to capture in our often overcrowded UK versions of the German originals. Perhaps we will never manage to do it quite as well. After all, we’re borrowing the tradition from somewhere else. I’ll always enjoy Manchester’s markets, but for the real deal, I’m going German.

Any suggestions for next Christmas?

Me. Overdosing on Christmas and loving every minute in Munich

Have you been to any of the Christmas markets in Germany, or anywhere else in Europe? Let me know your thoughts and tips in the comments!


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