10 Best Rolling Backpack for Travel All Over the World

During travel you must thing about comfortable backpack, have you ever thought about best rolling backpack for travel? If not, you must consider buying one.

Rolling backpacks are the choicest luggage type suitable for travel. However, it is found the travel community has luggage-style as standout features, and they come serving as a multi-functional masterpiece.

Best Backpack with Wheels for Travel

Enjoying traveling is possible when heavy bags do not burden your shoulders. Traveling light refers mainly to convenience and is the key.

The rolling backpacks offer the best, and it is ideal for individuals offering a combination of both. 

Top 10 Best Rolling Backpack for Travel Review 2020

1. World New York Sunrise Backpack- Right Travel Backpack


J World New York Sunrise Backpack is an ideal choice made of durable polyester fabric. New York Sunshine is the right travel backpack to substitute your suitcase. The fabric is in polyester 100%, and there is a galore of pockets to ensure the organization.

Space is designated in this backpack as there are bigger pocket wallets to stash. The main compartment allows carrying enough clothes for a week, and the water bottle mesh ensures you stay refreshed always.

New York Sunrise comes in the medium-sized shape and features a locking handle system in three-stages. The wheels are noiseless, it is easy to maneuver, while the shoulder straps have air-mesh cushioned offering versatile options of carrying luggage in the backpack.

These rolling backpack front pockets are good to hold immediate supplies, while the main compartment can be stuffed with your travel items.

J World Sunrise model features an aluminum handle that has locking and is recessed. The construction lays flat that it facilitates easy packing for any explorer. The thoughtful features of pockets, handle, and the fabric lining ensures convenience.

The safety factor is increased with a reflective tape offering night visibility. It is also an ideal choice for school-goers. This durable, water-resistant bag features 3 stages rust-free locking handle. 

Special Features with Upgrade Technology

  • Spacious backpack ideal for trips and school
  • Better night visibility with reflective tape
  • Water-resistant
  • Fits comfortably in the overhead compartment or airplane seat

2. Rockland Luggage Rolling Backpack- Ideal for Casual Travel


‘Rockland rolling backpack’ is an accurate rolling backpack suitable for casual travel of all types. Rockland luggage features a modern design and a classic shape.

The fabric is in polyester and includes retractable pull handle, shoulder straps, and smooth-rolling wheels, ensuring easy maneuverability. 

‘Rockland luggage rolling backpack’ is the Best Backpack with Wheels for Travel.It features double skate wheels, front zippered pockets, and a built-in organizer. The main compartment offers a large storage choice and has two side mesh pockets.

The front side of the bag has 2 zippered pockets and a built-in organizer. At the top is a metal telescoping handle, while the bottom has heavy-duty plastic to keep the backpack steadily standing.

Rockland backpack has a main compartment in medium size. It facilitates holding folders and books for school and also is an ideal backpack for an overnight trip.

There are two zipper pockets in the front to hold all the small accessories and items, while some slim items or water bottles can be safe in the mesh pockets. The double wheels give a firm grip of the bag on placing it down or pulling it.

Special Features with Upgrade Technology

  • Wide shoulder straps
  • Side mesh pockets
  • Front pocket featuring organizer
  • Padded grip handle


3. Targus Compact Rolling Backpack- for Leisure or Business Needs

Targus Compact Backpack is designed with a dedicated sleeve to fit the laptops in 16”. The interior is blue-lined and is comfortable to go with you anywhere — the exterior features durable polyester.

Accessible transportation is assured. There is a retractable handle, and the biggest advantage is that the roller wheels are quiet. 

Targus Compact Rolling style of Backpack is natural to carry on while going around. It is equipped with the right quality wheels, and the materials do not hinder while rolling. The interior pocket is integrated inside, ensuring your materials are comfortable.

The soft-lining insider assures your iPad or tablet is safe, safeguarding from scratches and bumps. The compartment is padded, and there is enough space to store main accessories. There are also elastic straps to accommodate an extra pair of change of clothes.

Traveling without making noise is assured with Targus Backpack roller wheels. There are large individual compartments to store documents, store books, and folders.

The rolling is convenient. If required, you can also pick and go as two shoulder straps offer the ease of carrying. The straps can also be tucked when it is not in use.

Special Features with Upgrade Technology

  • Ideal for laptops
  • Extended compartment space
  • Soft-touch top handle
  • Durable polyester exterior


4. J World New York Rolling Backpack- Roomy Compartment


World New York Rolling Backpack has sophisticated designs and bold patterns as one of the unique features. Each collection reveals the New York City Lifestyle and accommodates the interests of fashion-conscious people.

The telescoping T-shaped handle features PU high-density coated materials assuring a comfortable grip. There is the facility of multi-stage locks that allow height adjustments in the handle.

World New York Rolling Backpack is suitable to carry for schools, same as for traveling. It features cushion padded air mesh shoulder straps, and the convenience is assured as it has a slip-in system.

The reflective tape assures night visibility as night safety. Traveling with ease is possible as this backpack fits comfortably in the overhead compartment and also beneath the airplane seat.

The New York Backpack has a rust-free aluminum 3-stage locking handle. This backpack carrying handle is padded comfortable, and the fabric is a water-resistant polyester. The capacity of the main compartment is large; there is the key fob, front pocket organizer, zipper pocket, and pencil holder.

The compartment is roomy, offering easy access. The bottom mold is in matching color that it protects from wear and tear and unexpected shocks. On the back, there is a slip-on system so that the shoulder straps stay secure.

Special Features with Upgrade Technology

  • Ingenious handle system
  • Front pocket organizer
  • Durable wheels 
  • A slip-in shoulder strap system


5. Samsonite Luggage Spinner Backpack – Strong Extra Fibers


Samsonite Luggage Spinner Backpack is convenient to travel. It has wheels to take you to a new level. You can stay organized as you cover a new terrain variety as this backpack is perfectly wheeled.

This Spinner Backpack has premium ripstop material constructed to offer lasting durability. Four multi-directional wheels are allowing 360 rolling assuring comforts to your arm.

Samsonite Luggage Backpack features laptop compartment to hold laptops up to 15.6”. It features hidden pockets with felt lining to protect valuables.

There is a push-button locking system offering comfort with its ergonomic handle. There is a back panel technology offering a quick change of rear panel that reaching the backpack straps is easy.

Samsonite Backpack assures you need not go thirst parched as this back has water bottle zippered pockets. The shoulder straps are padded, ensuring increased comfort. There is functionality and is a suitable grab and go luggage backpack. The padded straps in the shoulder help in disbursing the weight evenly while traveling.

Besides, this bag at the strap end has a swivel clip to prevent twisting. The interior pocket can be zippered as it is an individual compartment and can be shut to ensure organization and security.

Special Features with Upgrade Technology

  • Exceptional strength as it features extra strength fibers.
  • Multidirectional spinner wheels.
  • Padded built-in compartment
  • Shock-proof traveling assured.


6. Backpack Waterproof Suitcase Business Computer- Breathable, Convenient Straps


‘Backpack Waterproof Suitcase Business Computer’ is the most convenient backpack. It features adjustable and breathable straps that it can be easily tucked at the back-zipper pocket as you wish to go upstairs.

You can also consider the rolling feature if you are moving to some new area. The Backpack Waterproof suitcase is suitable as a casual style that is comfortable for daily use.

The Backpack Waterproof Suitcase has built-in fully-padded separate laptop pocket to keep the laptops in the hold. The main compartment is large and roomy that the schooling books or overnight clothing can be carried.

There is a zippered file compartment that allows carrying even bulky books organized. There are many pockets and water bottle mesh pockets on the sides. An extra feature is a Velcro pocket to keep a small towel at the back.

The exterior dimensions allow handling freely as per your needs. The adults can take this backpack for their business travel, while teens can carry it as students. The straps are breathable, that it is convenient to have it around your shoulders.

This backpack material is durable in polyester fabric, and it has a kick plate keeping the bag safe from abrasion. The metal hooks are sturdy and durable, while the handle telescoping is in durable aluminum.

Special Features with Upgrade Technology

  • Durable telescoping handle
  • Reliable and strong rubber wheels
  • Water-resistant bottom design
  • Backpack with lock


7. Travelpro Expandable Rollaboard Luggage- Features Stylish Accents


Travelpro Expandable Rollaboard Luggage is a smaller option. It comes with stylish accents featuring purple or navy blue. This is an expandable Rollaboard that has polyester material to 100 percent, and it is water-repellent.

The added advantage is that the zippered compartment is the main, and it is expandable to two inches.

TravelPro Expandable Rollaboard Luggage top lid inside includes a large wet pocket zippered and a mesh pocket zippered. These are great to keep dirty laundry or toiletries separate.

Organize your belongings further by using the mesh zippered pocket that appears in the bag sidewall. There are interior hold-down straps, and the plus point is that they all come with anti-break buckles. 

There is no need for you always to tow the TravelPro Expandable Rollaboard bag. You can use the neoprene-cushioned grab handles. The neoprene-cushion is on all sides, bottom, front, top, and side that you can move it anywhere of your choice.

It is made in the USA, and Expandable Rollaboard is made of a polyester fabric of high density. It has a water repellent coating offering stain resistance. Additional security is given in the form of skid guards, reinforced wheel housings, compression straps, and corner guards.

Special Features with Upgrade Technology

  • Neoprene-cushioned handles
  • Bal-bearing wheels offering high performance
  • Compression straps to give extra security
  • High-density polyester fabric


8. SKYMOVE-19 inches- Wheeled-Rolling -Backpack – Suitable for 14” Computer


Skymove’s rolling backpack is an affordable option. This is a convenient rolling backpack featuring an aluminum multi-stage alloy wheel handle and is in 1200D oxford fabric. The handle in this backpack cannot be hidden completely and resembles a suitcase handle.

Skymove’s backpack has a central compartment opening as a regular backpack. There is a laptop compartment, and it is spacious. There is an external compartment in the front featuring a couple of pockets, but it lacks an organizer panel.

Skymove’s rolling backpack is suitable for all adults less than six feet. It is because the handle does not extend much. It is a wheeled backpack that is durable in looks, and while being wheeled, it is perfect.

It fits beneath the seat on the plane and can be propped up in the compartment straight. There is no need to tilt this bad to fit in the compartment above.

The construction proves its versatility, and Skymove’s rolling backpack ensures putting and pulling out the computer quickly. This was also done during the TSA check. The pockets in the front zipper also provide easy and quick access.

Skymove’s rolling backpacks are suitable to wear as a backpack and to save $50 by buying economy seats during weekend trips. Thus, there is no need to deal with the overhead compartment.

Special Features with Upgrade Technology

  • Fits 14” laptop device
  • Multi-stage wheel handle
  • Ventilated back panel
  • Durable


9. Hynes Eagle Rolling Backpack- Suitable as an in-flight carry-on


Hynes Eagle’s backpack featuring the rolling is a fashion-forward bag. It is ideal as an in-flight carry-on backpack. Hynes Eagle backpack serves as a luggage bag and also as a backpack as it features 2 in 1 wheeled luggage. The backpack has a waterproof, durable fabric. It keeps the bag safeguarded during rainy days. 

Hynes Eagle backpack zipper quality proves it is the best convertible backpack for travel. The backpack zipper is durable and smooth; it opens easily that you can quickly get your items out.

Hynes Eagle backpack has backpack straps in the back panel stored so that the motion of the stays controlled and stable.

Using Hynes Eagle backpack is safe as it has a back design to safeguard you from the rod pressure at the back. The backpack straps are hide-away and do not hurt as it has air-mesh padded. You can comfortably carry it or convert it as a carryon bag.

Under the zip cover, the telescoping handle gets stored, if it is not in use. The main compartment allows storing umbrellas, travel clothing, wallets, cosmetics, etc. There is a compression buckle strap in the exterior to pack compact.

This is a versatile travel bag that allows you to travel conveniently by car, airplane, or train.

Special Features with Upgrade Technology

  • Generous main compartment
  • Front pocket organizer
  • Waterproof material
  • Detachable laptop compartment


10. Rolling Backpack Wheeled Rucksack Trolley- Effortless Travel


Rolling Backpack Wheeled Rucksack Trolley has the best wheels that go smooth on stone and concrete. The straps are also convenient to use them naturally.

They are easy to fix the straps and stuff it in the back cover inside. It can be clipped with a safety pin, and one can avoid dragging the straps.

The plus point of this Rolling Backpack Trolley is that it is waterproof, and so even if it rains, the bag is safe and things dry. The zippers stay fully closed, and so even tossing this bag keeps it going strong.

This backpack has plenty of space and falls under the category of small to medium size bag loads. It is best when you do not consider overloading. The handle is sturdy.

Rolling backpack ensures hands-free carrying. The haul handle is suitable for short trips or low-profile, though effortless traveling is assured with its smooth-rolling feature. The maneuverability and mobility save a lot of power and time.

There are separate pockets to store your laptop, smartphone, tablet, desk tools, and your water bottle. The added security is with the reflector that ensures you travel safely at night.

Even the detachable keyring ensures you do not misplace the keys and stay peacefully. The insulation in the interior keeps your drinks intact all day.

Special Features with Upgrade Technology

  • Visibility at night- Reflector
  • Back panel and harness comfort
  • High-quality wheels
  • Adequate space

User Buying Considerations of Best Backpack with Wheels for Travel

best rolling backpack for travel

Buying a wheeled backpack means you must know what to look for in purchasing the best convertible backpack for travel. Another essential consideration is the weight as it also works as a carry-on. A few pointers include:

  • Space: Space is a remarkable fact that should be considered. Backpacks must be spacious so that it is ideal for travel, but ensure you travel lightweight so that you roll-on and move with ease.
  • Specific use: If you are traveling for work and need a laptop compartment, or wish to take your camera, the rolling backpacks are the best. They meet your specific use as it comes fitted with suitable inline and padding that your gear is safe. Besides, look for a rolling backpack that easily switches in no time into a travel bag. 
  • Shoulder straps: Backpack frames make the bags slightly more substantial, and if you intend to wear it as a backpack, consider to buy adjustable padded shoulder straps.

Avoid the thin or narrow straps digging into shoulders as it restricts blood circulation. The padded straps ensure the backpack is easier to wear for long hours.

  • Multiple compartments: Having multiple compartments is very helpful. It prevents back injuries and keeps everything organized. Thus, the load gets distributed on the back evenly.
  • Extra features: The additional features to pay attention include the compression straps. Look for reflective straps so that you can travel safely in low daylight areas and even at night.

The compression straps should pack bags tighter and compress. There should be anti-theft zippers in case you carry valuables.

  • Durability and wheeled backpack material: Investing money and time in a wheeled backpack means it will last a lifetime, so look for the best wheeled backpack for travel made of durable material that is tear-resistant, waterproof, and fashionable.
  • Great Looking Design: There is a need to give enough time to have the best wheeled backpack for travel featuring great looking design. It should reflect your personality and style, besides withstanding the fashion changes or trends.

The backpacks now are available in different patterns and colors that you should look for something unique to match every style, age, and personality. Choose a neutral color so that it goes right with your wear any day.

  • Sleeve: A rolling backpack does not mean you have to carry your laptop every day. However, it is not a bad idea to have a laptop sleeve with a backpack. This will help students to travel light.

They can carry everything in a digital form using the laptop and go paperless. Having a laptop sleeve in a rolling backpack is safe, and it is good to choose one as it ensures flexibility.

Important Facts Worth Considering:

Why Backpacks with Wheels?

The wheels cannot be ignored while buying a rolling backpack. The wheeled backpack is helpful, as you can use them most of the time.

You can also save your back from paining or getting hot. Save travel energy so that you can spend the way you like hiking, dancing, sightseeing, and without breaking your back with your belongings.

Why Backpack Straps?

There is a need for flexibility. You should be able to pop up your load and walk through comfortably. This is possible only when your backpack straps are of high-quality.

They are very useful as you take a city metro and have to climb stairs when you are in the wilderness when there are potholes and puddles in the rain when you are on a bike, and so on.

The backpack straps maybe not used often, but having them is sure to make you glad.

Why Rolling Backpack?

Looking for a best wheeled backpack for travel means you wish to have a lot of easier packing and convenient traveling. Besides, while considering a backpack for travel, without fail check the bag dimensions, so that there is no shocking surprise.

Rolling backpacks are ideal for daily use. They have smaller compartments and ensure carrying lots of stuff, besides staying organized.

Their shoulder straps come generously padded, fitting your torso perfectly. Buying a more modest or mid-size backpack is ideal as bigger backpacks once loaded will be a lot heavier.

The rolling backpacks should offer to carry comfortably, whether it is on your shoulders or as a regular backpack. It means no poking wheels in the back, but it should have a padded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps.

Ensure there is protection between your clothes and the backpack wheels. Even having a backpack featuring thick padding allows ventilation to some extent as it features breathable mesh.

Learn More about Rolling Backpacks

Final Words

Uncertainty cannot be taken as an excuse, and here are relevant and best rolling backpack for travel details that you can buy now. Buying these bags will keep you going on with your adventures, worry-free.

Go through the buying considerations and enjoy one of these versatile backpacks. Bear in mind the items mentioned above and look out for rolling backpacks of high-quality.

As always, get a backpack that fulfills your needs before spending your money. Time to grab a new backpack for yourself, manage your luggage needs.

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