How to Fix a Broken Wire Without Soldering: Guideline

If you do not have a soldering tool and wondering how to fix a broken wire without soldering, you are here at the right place. Traditionally, the solder is composed primarily of tin (Sn) and lead (Pb) and also with some other metals to provide the desired characteristics.

However, it has been discovered that lead is a harmful metal to humans and can even lead to poisoning. With this, some countries decided to prohibit the use of lead in the composition of the solder.

In this way, lead-free soldering emerged, and it became the standard in the manufacture of electronic equipment.

Performing a good job with welding is not so complicated, but some details are considered to ensure quality and get as close as possible to the so-called perfect welding.

For this, we have prepared this article on how to fix a broken wire without soldering that, combined with a little practice, will make you a great maker of electronic projects.

Why is Soldering Required on Wiring?

Well known to electronics professionals, let’s talk here about soldering iron. A tool that should be further explored by home maintenance electricians to improve the quality of splices using tin.

The soldering is used to join two metallic parts, such as conducting wires, circuit boards, and other components, using soldering. 

The most used soldering iron is the pencil type, as they are small and easy to handle. It is advised for those users who like to make small repairs at home. However, there are solder irons of different powers and with different tips.

Select the one that fulfills your requirement and good work.

According to the heating medium, it is classified into three main types:

  • Fire heating soldering iron
  • Gas soldering iron
  • Electric soldering iron

The most used by the electrician is the electric soldering iron that is composed of a copper tip, fixed to a metallic tube, inside which the heating resistor is placed.

The tube ends in an insulating cable, from which comes a flexible cord for the electrical connection.

But do you know, now we can fix the wires without using soldering? Yes, it is true. There are many ways to fix the wires without using soldering. Here in the following, we have provided top useful methods.

How to Fix a Broken Wire Without Soldering?

If you do not have a soldering machine or you do not want to use it, here we give you several useful methods on fix a broken wire without soldering.

Method 1: Using an Insulating Tape

A splice is the union of two or more cables in an electrical installation or within an electronic device or equipment. Nowadays, it is common to join cables using so-called splice tabs, but it can easily be done manually.

Splicing is done to maintain a safe and stable current flow through that circuit.

If you do it correctly, you will avoid problems such as a short circuit, power surges, or flickers due to false contact.

  • In the beginning, you need to do is strip the ends of the cables you want to splice. It is advisable to strip about 2.5 centimeters from each end that you are going to splice
  • The stripping process has to be very delicate since you could damage some strands of the cable if you strip too much
  • Once you have stripped the wires, twist the threads using pliers. If you do not have it, you can still easily do it with your fingers without problems
  • Repeat the previous step with all the wires that you have stripped.
  • When you have all the filaments ready, to splice cables, you must cross one with another and braid them. It’s like braiding your hair
  • It is very important that the braiding is secure and firm. To close it well, you can use high-quality insulating tape
  • Lastly, use electrical tape to cover the entire area around the braided strands. Start by covering 2 centimeters before the cut and 3 cm after it, so they will be well protected

Method 2: Using a Hot Glue Gun

Using hot glue is one of the strongest methods to fix a broken wire. This method does not only connect a wire but also can insulate them.

The best part of using glue is that it cools very quickly, so you no need to wait long to fix it and use it. Without wasting more time, let us start its process.

  • Heat your glue gun
  • When it is heated, hold the gun vertical on the twisted wires and squeeze the glue on it
  • Now, using the nozzle of the pencil or glue gun, swirl it near the wires
  • Now ensure that its entire stripped wire part is applied with hot glue and then let it be cool, which happens in no time, and then you can use it

Method 3: Using an Alligator Clipping

This trick is quite the weakest method shown above, but it is ideal for temporary or quick wire connection. 

  • To do this method, you will only need some alligator clips, 2 wires, and make sure to have it stripped ends
  • Once you have these materials ready, hold the 2 stripped wire ends parallel to each other
  • Now, keep an alligator clip on them. Ensure that the teeth touch both of the wires. And it is done

Isn’t that an easy method? In the market, you will also find alligator clips that are connected with wires. If you are not able to find them, you can also make your own.

Method 4: Using Crimping Method

This solution of fixing a broken wire without using soldering is one of the strongest and easiest methods. However, it requires a special design tool, but if you become a master, you will surely be the master to do it.

You will get this tool at any electronic store or your nearest local hardware store. 

For this method, you will only need a crimp or a thin sized metal piece which has 3 to 4 inch long, a few stripped wires and a crimp tool. 

  •  First, insert the stripped wire part on the crimp
  • And repeat this method another wire
  • Now, keep the crimp tool on the crimp tool’s notch
  • Now squeezing that tool till the tool crushes and bend it in a “U” shape
  • Repeat the same entire process till you have a channel
  • Now pull out and ensure it is connected properly. To crimp, you will need some more practice, so do not worry, and it will take time to be a master in this work

Wire Soldering Cost

The price of welders varies enormously depending on the type. Hence, we can find gas welders for a price lower than $10, arc welders that are around $100, or laser welders that touch or exceed a thousand dollars.

This is very understandable since the mechanism with which laser welding machines operate is much sophisticated than that used by a gas welding machine; for example, hence its price must necessarily be higher due to the costs in terms of materials, time, and effort required for its production.

Another factor that influences the price is the manufacturer brand, because the more prestigious the firm, the higher the cost of its product is usually. Because it is assumed to be of a higher quality. 

In this sense, it is convenient that we assess the benefits of the welder before paying more just to buy a brand name since there are welders from little-known brands that offer the same or better characteristics.

Likewise, the price of the welders is also largely determined by their power, temperature, and additional accessories that the equipment in question includes.


The soldering iron is a tool used for welding electrical connections with tin. Through the great heating at its tip, the soldering iron can reach a temperature sufficient to melt a tin wire.

This wire is used to make connections between the tracks of an electronic board and the component that, after cooling, remains fixed and with an electrical contact at the terminals.

The use of the soldering iron to melt the tin over a cable splice ensures a good connection in a cable splice. But, the fact is that its joint strength is less in comparison to the methods we have shown above.

Also, soldering is not beneficial if the joints work under high temperatures. There are many other cons of soldering, and so we have brought this guide on how to fix a broken wire without soldering.

We are sure this guide will be helpful for your upcoming DIY projects.

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