Subaru Apple CarPlay Upgrade: Make Your Drive Smarter and Safer

Apple CarPlay is a function that enables you to effortlessly connect your iPhone with your car’s entertainment system, and this can be of interest to various Subaru users.

If you are a Subaru owner, you might also want to apply the Subaru Apple CarPlay upgrade to your vehicle.

Making phone calls, sending messages, playing music, and using navigation are all made safer and more convenient with Subaru Apple CarPlay, which you can use while still keeping your hands on the wheel.

The good news is that you can now add the 2017 Subaru Outback Apple CarPlay upgrade, even if you did not buy it with this option.

You just need to have technical knowledge about how to add it to your vehicle and how to make the connection of everything.

What Is Subaru Apple CarPlay!

Subaru Apple CarPlay Upgrade

Subaru Apple CarPlay enables seamless iPhone-to-dashboard communication.

With the aid of this function, you can safely use your phone’s capabilities, such as texting, music, and navigation, with only a tap or voice command.

This allows you to maintain concentration on the road in front of you. Other than this, there are several good points about adding Apple CarPlay to your Subaru:

  • Hands-free comfort: CarPlay on Subaru offers voice control and hands-free communication allowing you to stay connected while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.
  • Smooth Experience: A better music experience is provided by Apple CarPlay on Subaru, which makes it simple to access your music collection, stream your favorite music, and even utilize voice commands to play your favorite tracks from your favorite albums or artists.
  • Improved Navigation: To help you get to your location quickly and safely, Apple Maps offers voice navigation, turn-by-turn directions, and real-time traffic updates. Also, you may utilize Siri voice control to look up local attractions and get driving directions.

So, a proper equipping Apple CarPlay on Subaru can improve your driving experience by allowing you to stay connected while keeping your hands on the wheel, making it safer, more convenient, and more fun.

6-Quick Steps Of Subaru Apple CarPlay Upgrade

Subaru Apple CarPlay Upgrade

You might be qualified for a Subaru WRX Apple CarPlay upgrade if your vehicle was produced after 2017.

Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, the upgrade procedure may vary.

But generally speaking, it entails installing new hardware and software in order to activate the feature.

Keeping everything aside, the processes of Subaru CarPlay update are as follows:

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

Checking whether your Subaru model qualifies for the Apple CarPlay upgrade is the first step.

You can do this by getting in touch with your neighborhood Subaru dealer or looking up compatibility on the Subaru website.

Normally, vehicles produced after 2017 are compatible, but it’s crucial to confirm this before moving on.

Step 2: Buy The Upgrade Kit

The upgrade kit must be purchased after you have determined that your automobile is compatible.

This kit comes with a new head unit, a wiring harness, and mounting brackets made to fit the dashboard of your car.

The kit is available from internet merchants or your nearby Subaru dealer.

Step 3: Get Ready For Installation

Read the instructions carefully and get the required tools ready before you start the installation process.

To take out the old head unit and replace it with the new one, you might want screwdrivers, pliers, and other simple hand tools.

To avoid electrical shock and shorting out the car’s electrical system, it’s also crucial to disconnect the battery.

Step 4: Discard The Previous Head Unit

The old head unit needs to be taken out of the dashboard next. In order to do this, the trim pieces, screws, and other fasteners holding the unit in place may need to be removed.

Disconnect the wiring harness and any additional cables that are connected to the unit after it has been removed.

Step 5: Attach The Replacement Head Unit

You can install the new head unit once the old one has been taken out.

Attach the new unit’s wiring harness and other cords, then install it using the included mounting brackets and screws.

Make sure to test the device to make sure all of the features are operating as intended.

Step 6: Do The Final Testing

It’s crucial to run a last test after installing the new head unit to make sure everything is operating as it should.

To check that Apple CarPlay is properly syncing with your iPhone, start the car and test it out.

You can now start driving with the increased comfort and security of Subaru Apple CarPlay after making any necessary adjustments.

Upgrading your Subaru with Apple CarPlay is a relatively simple process that can greatly enhance your driving experience.

By following these steps, you can install this feature and take advantage of its many benefits, including hands-free communication, enhanced music experience, and better navigation.

Contact your local Subaru dealer or check online for more information on compatibility and upgrade kits.

Lesser Known FAQs about CarPlay on Subaru

Does Subaru support wireless Apple CarPlay?

Unfortunately, as of 2021, Subaru does not support wireless Apple CarPlay in any of its models.

All Subaru vehicles with Apple CarPlay require a wired connection using a Lightning cable connected to a USB port in the car.

Ultimately, you need to use cables if need a 2018 Subaru Forester Apple CarPlay upgrade.

Can I add Apple CarPlay to my 2017 Subaru?

If your 2017 Subaru model did not come with Apple CarPlay, it is possible to add it as an aftermarket upgrade.

Some car audio shops offer CarPlay installation services, and there are also DIY kits available that can be installed at home. Therefore, the 2017 Subaru Outback Apple CarPlay upgrade has become a DIY task.

It’s important to note that aftermarket installations may not provide the same level of integration and functionality as a factory-installed system.

Is Subaru Starlink like Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay and Subaru Starlink are not the same things. Most Subaru cars have the infotainment and safety Starlink system as standard equipment.

It has features including remote services, recovering stolen vehicles, and emergency assistance.

On the other side, Apple CarPlay is a technology for integrating smartphones that enable users to use specific iPhone apps on the in-car entertainment system.

Can you add CarPlay to STARLINK?

You can utilize Apple CarPlay on your Starlink system if your Subaru vehicle has Starlink and it is CarPlay compatible. So, the Subaru Crosstrek Apple CarPlay upgrade has become easier and more simple.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that not all Subaru vehicles are Apple CarPlay compatible, and certain older models might need a hardware or software upgrade to support CarPlay.

If you’re unsure whether your Subaru model is compatible with CarPlay, check with your neighborhood dealership or refer to the owner’s guide.


Getting a Subaru Apple CarPlay upgrade has become a necessary option for many Subaru owners thanks to its user-friendly UI, accessibility to Siri voice commands, and capacity to show well-known apps.

CarPlay is a valuable addition to your driving experience because of how simple it is to use and how convenient it makes things, whether you’re using it for hands-free calling, streaming music, or navigation.

And now that earlier CarPlay on Subaru can be upgraded, even if they didn’t come with CarPlay, it’s simpler than ever to use this cutting-edge technology.

Consider updating to Apple CarPlay in your Subaru if you want to improve your driving experience and stay connected while you are on the road.

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