8-Consequential Subaru Bluetooth Pairing Problems, Causes & Fix

By staying connected to your phone with hands-free technologies like Subaru Bluetooth, you can lower the chance of accidents and improve your driving experience on the road.

In such situations, issues like Subaru Bluetooth pairing problems can occur while driving. It can divert your attention while on the road which is dangerous.

Generally, the Subaru Bluetooth, makes it simpler, safer, and more practical than ever. In case you want to enjoy your journey while listening to Bluetooth, you must fix if Subaru Bluetooth not connecting.

For that, if your Subaru Bluetooth not working properly, you need to follow some steps that can quickly allow you to pair to a Bluetooth device.

Subaru Bluetooth & Its Benefits

Subaru Bluetooth Pairing Problems

Subaru Bluetooth is a fantastic feature that enables you to continue using your phone while driving and can improve your driving experience.

It can assist you in remaining safe and attentive when using voice commands, streaming music, or making phone calls.

Other than this, it is a helpful and useful connectivity option that unlocks several possibilities. The advantages of having a Subaru Bluetooth are.

  • Convenience: You can stay connected while keeping your phone discreetly tucked away in your pocket or handbag thanks to Subaru Bluetooth. Without taking your hands off the wheel, you can make calls, send texts, and stream music.
  • Compatibility: Subaru Bluetooth is wholly integrated into your vehicle’s audio system, allowing you to manage everything using the same knobs and screens that you would for other audio functions.
  • Accessibility: Subaru Bluetooth is designed to be accessible to all drivers, including those with disabilities or mobility impairments. You can use voice commands, steering wheel controls, or external assistive devices to control the system and stay connected while driving.

If your Subaru Bluetooth not working, maybe your Subaru BT not connecting properly. Hence, you must check the Subaru Bluetooth problems and take proper steps asap.

Subaru Bluetooth Pairing (iPhone & Android): How to Connect to Subaru Bluetooth

Subaru Bluetooth Pairing Problems

Bluetooth technology has become increasingly popular in modern vehicles, allowing for hands-free calling, audio streaming, and other convenient features.

Subaru cars come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, which enables drivers to pair their smartphones or other compatible devices with the car’s audio system.

If you are new to the world of Bluetooth pairing or need a refresher, below is a generalized three-step process for pairing your iPhone, Android, or other devices with your Subaru car’s Bluetooth.

Step 1: Turn Bluetooth On

Ensure that the device you wish to link with your Subaru automobile has Bluetooth enabled. Go to Settings on an iPhone, choose Bluetooth, and turn the switch to On.

For Android, turn on Bluetooth by going to Settings, tapping Connected devices, and selecting Android devices.

Step 2: Search for Bluetooth devices

By tapping “Scan” or “Search for devices” on your device, you may look for Bluetooth devices that are nearby.

Choose the Bluetooth icon for your Subaru vehicle when it appears on the list to begin the connection.

Step 3: Complete The Pairing Process

You could be asked to input a pairing code or PIN number, which is often “0000” or “1234”, once you have chosen your Subaru car’s Bluetooth.

Verify the pairing on both your smartphone and the vehicle’s audio system after inputting the code.

The Subaru’s audio system should now allow you to place and receive calls or play audio.

The pairing process may slightly differ depending on the make and model of your device or your Subaru car, but the general steps outlined above should apply.

8-Major Subaru Bluetooth Pairing Problems & Their Effects

Subaru Bluetooth Pairing Problems

Subaru Bluetooth is the easiest way to link your smartphone or another Bluetooth-enabled device to the music system in your car through BT pairing.

It does have certain difficulties, though, just like any other technology.

Here are eight common Subaru Forester Bluetooth pairing problems that you might encounter, along with their potential solutions.

Problem 1: Bluetooth Pairing Fails Or Takes A Long Time

Sometimes, Bluetooth pairing can take a while or may even fail to connect.

This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as interference from other Bluetooth devices, outdated software on your phone or car’s audio system, or a weak Bluetooth signal.

To fix this issue, try moving your phone closer to the car, making sure the car’s Bluetooth is turned on and in discoverable mode, and updating the software on both your phone and the car’s audio system.

If the problem persists, you may need to reset the car’s Bluetooth by removing the pairing information and trying to pair again.

Problem 2: Bluetooth Connection Regularly Disconnects

The connection regularly dropping or disconnecting is another problem with Bluetooth pairing in Subaru vehicles. Being in the middle of a phone conversation or listening to music makes this frustrating.

Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is activated and set to maintain a connection even while the screen is off as one potential fix.

To check if it helps, you can also try resetting the Bluetooth in the car or repairing your device.

Problem 3: Audio Quality Is Poor Or Distorted

Poor audio quality or distortion is another issue that can arise with Subaru Bluetooth pairing.

This could be caused by a weak Bluetooth signal, a low battery on your phone or car’s audio system, or outdated software.

To see if it helps try moving your phone closer to the car or charging both it and the car’s audio system.

To enhance the quality, you may also try changing the audio settings on your phone or the audio system in your car.

Problem 4: Voice Instructions Are Ineffective

Several various problems might be at play if you’re experiencing difficulties utilizing voice commands with your Subaru Bluetooth system.

First, confirm that the speech recognition feature on your phone is activated and that you have given the car’s audio system permission to access it.

To make sure the voice command feature is turned on and configured properly, you might also need to check the settings in the car.

Problem 5: Phone Book Won’t Sync

One of the most convenient features of Subaru Bluetooth pairing is the ability to sync your phone book with the car’s audio system.

However, this feature can sometimes be temperamental and fail to sync properly.

To troubleshoot this issue, make sure that your phone’s contacts are up to date and that you have granted permission for the car’s audio system to access them.

You can also try resetting the car’s Bluetooth or re-pairing your device to see if that helps.

Problem 6: Can’t play music through Bluetooth

There may be a number of various problems at play if you’re experiencing difficulties streaming music over your Subaru’s Bluetooth system.

Make sure the Bluetooth settings on both your phone and the car’s audio system are both configured to accept music.

To make sure the music comes through clearly, you might also need to modify the volume settings on both your phone and the vehicle’s audio system.

Problem 7: Incoming Calls Don’t Display Properly

If you are missing incoming calls or not seeing them displayed properly on your car’s audio system, there could be a few different issues at play.

First, make sure that your phone’s caller ID feature is turned on and that you have granted permission for the car’s audio system to access it.

You may also need to adjust the notification settings on your phone and the car’s audio system to ensure you receive incoming calls properly.

Problem 8: Hearing Problems During Calls

Lastly, there might be a number of various problems at work if you are having difficulties hearing the other person on a phone conversation while using your Subaru’s Bluetooth system.

Then, make sure the volume is turned up on both your phone and the vehicle’s audio system.

To make sure that the sound comes through clearly, you might also need to change the audio settings on your phone or the car’s audio system.

If you are still having difficulties hearing the other person, the car’s audio system may need to be serviced since it may have a problem with the microphone or speakers.

Subaru Bluetooth pairing is a convenient feature that can enhance your driving experience. However, as with any technology, some challenges may arise.

By understanding these common Subaru Bluetooth pairing problems and their potential solutions, you can troubleshoot any issues and enjoy a seamless Bluetooth connection between your phone and your car’s audio system.

General FAQs About Subaru Bluetooth Pairing

How to reset Bluetooth on Subaru cars?

To reset the Bluetooth on Subaru cars, go to the “Settings” menu on the car’s audio system and select “Bluetooth.”

From there, find the option to “Delete all paired devices” or “Reset Bluetooth.” Follow the pop-ups next to complete the reset process.

What phone models are compatible with Subaru Bluetooth?

Subaru Bluetooth is compatible with a wide range of phone models, including both iPhone and Android devices.

However, it’s always a good idea to check your specific phone model’s compatibility with your Subaru car’s audio system before attempting to pair them.

How do I make a phone call using Subaru Bluetooth?

Make sure your phone is linked with the car’s audio system before utilizing Subaru Bluetooth to make a call.

Next, choose the “Phone” or “Bluetooth” menu option to make a call using the audio controls in the automobile.

Call a specific person from your phone book using voice commands or manually dial the number.

Can I have multiple phones connected to Subaru Bluetooth at the same time?

Yes, Subaru Bluetooth can usually connect to multiple phones at the same time.

However, the exact number of devices that can be connected simultaneously may vary depending on the specific car model and audio system.

How can I update the firmware for Subaru Bluetooth?

If there are any available updates, consult the owner’s handbook or contact the dealership to upgrade the firmware for Subaru Bluetooth.

In some circumstances, you might be able to use a USB drive or another way to download and install the update on your own.

Can I stream audio from apps like Spotify or Pandora through Subaru Bluetooth?

Yes, you can often use Subaru Bluetooth to stream music from applications like Spotify or Pandora.

Just launch the app on your phone, pick the option to play audio using Bluetooth, and then couple your phone with the vehicle’s audio system.

Wrapping Up

With time, users may face Subaru Bluetooth pairing problems. However, this is not a big thing to worry about as it happens with many people over time.

And as with any technology, it’s crucial to understand possible Subaru Forester Bluetooth pairing problems and how to fix them.

You can make sure that your Subaru Bluetooth continues to function flawlessly and gives you the greatest driving experience possible.

In case your Subaru Outback Bluetooth not working, you can try a quick fix. With the right instructions, you can easily pair your Subaru Bluetooth to your device.

If it still won’t pair, the possibility is that your infotainment system is faulty and you will need to replace it immediately.

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