Subaru Immobilizer Key Programming (7-Step Process)

Subaru Immobilizer Key System allows unlocking the maximum security with proper programming. Since it’s the most updated and reliable electronic hardware for better safety purposes.

If you are unable to complete your Subaru immobilizer key programming, you need the assistance of an expert technician. And it will charge nearly hundreds of bucks, but you can do it by yourself.

To program a Subaru immobilizer key, first, obtain the correct key and access the programming mode on the vehicle. Next, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to program the key. Finally, test the Subaru immobilizer code to ensure it is working correctly with the immobilizer system.

Before initiating the Immobilizer key programming, you must understand the entire process and the Subaru immobilizer problems.

Here in this process, I have introduced you to the immobilizer key system and the programming method. Take these steps to get the best possible solution for your Subaru.

The steps might not work out on the first trial because of unexpected issues.

Thus, try it at least twice to get a perfect solution. Any Subaru owner can complete the steps with a bit of help and codes.

Use the proper assistance and begin your programming right away. Refer to this helpful guide and get help on your crucial programming needs.

What is Immobilizer Key?

An immobilizer key commonly referred to as a transponder key, is a type of key that makes your vehicle secure and safe.

The system helps guard your Subaru against thefts and offers perfect security. This system features a small electronic chip inside called a transponder that connects to the car’s immobilizer system.

Further, the immobilizer program identifies the transponder chip when the key is turned on, and if the code confirms the one pre-programmed in the program, it permits the engine to start.

The engine won’t start if the codes don’t match, effectively barring a thief from getting into the vehicle with a replica or stolen key. To reprogram or reset, you may have to follow a lengthy procedure of steps.

Programming an immobilizer key is certainly a challenging task for anybody to do. These keys are frequently found in modern vehicles and work well to prevent auto theft.

Since the chip is pre-programmed to interact with the unique vehicle’s immobilizer system, they are significantly more difficult to replicate than conventional keys.

Only some people can perform the programming process. So, worry not about criminals, as the procedure demands tools and codes only you can provide to complete the process.

Subaru Immobilizer Key Programming

Better functionality:

Using the Subaru immobilizer code you can enjoy a better functioning of your vehicle. By this, we mean that you can get the privilege of unlocking and locking your automobile from a certain distance with ease.

Simple and effective:

These keys are very simple to operate. They are built for an exceptional experience and feature buttons to operate your car features from a specific radius.

Improved security:

Immobilizer keys boost the safety aspect of your automobile. Using these keys one can ensure a decreased possibility of theft. The keys function on a specific system, and cracking is certainly not easy.

7-Quick Steps of Subaru Immobilizer Key Programming

Programming the key might take some expertise and time. Only some individuals are efficient enough to finish the process by themselves.

Thus, I have listed some assistance to make the entire process manageable.

The immobilizer system that Subaru automobiles have disables the engine from the beginning without a preset key.

Subaru Immobilizer Key Programming

You may program a new key for the car on your own by following these steps:

Step 1: Get a blank key

Grab a blank key and a diagnostic scanner appropriate for programming Subaru immobilizers. You can quickly get a blank key from a locksmith or a Subaru dealer.

Getting a blank key is a crucial part of the entire process, so ensure you take advantage of it.

Step 2: Attach the diagnostic scanner

Once you have found a black key and diagnostic scanner, begin with this step.

To commence, attach the diagnostic scanner to the OBD-II slot on the car, usually found on the driver’s end beneath the dashboard.

Step 3: Turn the key

Now, do not start the engine. While the engine is off, switch the starter to the “On” setting. Starting the engine can result in reverse working and failing the attempt.

So, avoid doing so to finish the procedure with accuracy and perfection.

Step 4: Access the immobilizer system

After turning the key on ‘ON,’ it’s time to get hold of the system. So, next, access the immobilizer system with the diagnostic scanner, then opt for the “Program Key” setting.

Step 5: Insert the blank key in the starter

After making the necessary selections proceed to this step.

To start, put the blank key in the starter after following the diagnostic scanner’s instructions to input the relevant data, including the VIN.

Step 6: Pause till the system detects the new key

It is a crucial step that requires patience and time. Therefore, wait till the immobilizer system reads the new key, which could take a few minutes.

The dashboard immobilizer light should go out when a new key is detected.

Step 7: Turn off the ignition

Lastly, turn off the ignition and take out the key. Now, you can use the fresh programmed key to activate the engine.

Programming can be straightforward if you follow all these steps accurately and as instructed.

Following all details is essential for success. It can lead to failure even if you miss out on one step. So, make sure to check on all the steps for ideal outcomes.

Critical FAQs about Immobilizer Key

How do I find my Subaru immobilizer code?

To discover the immobilizer code, you must look through Subaru’s paperwork, notably the instruction manual and service records.

A little card that came with the keys whenever the automobile was new may also include the immobilizer code. In case you do not find it, contact your Subaru dealer.

How does the Subaru immobilizer work?

The Subaru immobilizer system disables the engine ignition system that prevents unwanted access to the car.

The technology connects the immobilizer system with a transponder key with a chip inside. The key reader system, situated close to the ignition switch, is how the immobilizer system interacts with the key.

The reader transmits a message to the key once you insert it in the ignition. After this, the critical answers with its unique code.

How do I reset my Subaru immobilizer?

The resetting procedure on a Subaru may demand some expertise and knowledge. However, if the immobilizer system is giving you trouble, you might attempt the following steps:

  • Turn the battery off: Disconnect the negative terminal after turning off the engine. Reconnect the terminal and attempt to start the engine with the key after waiting 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Switch to another key: If you have an extra key, try starting the car with it. If the vital backup functions, the original key might be the source of the issue.

Again, these steps may not be a sure shot for your Subaru, but giving it a try can help.

My Thought

Eventually, Subaru Immobilizer Key Programming is not a challenging task. All you require is essential knowledge and expertise to get the proper outcomes.

Here I have listed the finest possible solutions for Subaru immobilizer problems, use all of them to reset and program your Subaru key.

These vehicles come with an immobilizer that can only function and work with the right help.

If the system fails to match the codes and options, you may not be able to program or reset the key.

So, refer to these steps and get the finest possible service for your key issues. Try and test all these measures before turning to professionals or dealers

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