Subaru MirrorLink (Features & Benefits): The Future of Safe and Convenient Driving

In today’s world, smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. It’s, therefore, no surprise that we want to use them often, and this includes when we are on the road.

However, using a phone while driving can be extremely dangerous and distracting and where Subaru MirrorLink comes in.

Mirror Link is specifically designed to enable safe smartphone use while driving.

In addition, MirrorLink also has a helpful feature that protects drivers from harmful headlight glare when they are driving.

Subaru is one of the many car manufacturers that support MirrorLink technology in its vehicles.

If you are a Subaru driver who likes staying in touch, you may want to know how MirrorLink works and whether it is a good idea for you.

What Is Subaru MirrorLink iPhone & Android?

Subaru MirrorLink

In simple terms, Subaru MirrorLink iPhone is an advanced technology with lots of driving-friendly features that allows you to connect your smartphone (iPhones and Android Phones) to the infotainment system.

Since this innovative technology is changing the way we interact with our cars and stay connected while driving.

Furthermore, the system is designed to integrate your smartphone with your car’s system, providing a seamless and safe driving experience.

Here is what you should expect with Subaru MirrorLink Android App.

1. Smartphone integration

MirrorLink Subaru iPhone enables seamless integration between smartphones and vehicles.

Once connected, you can access various apps and features such as music, maps, and messages without having to physically interact with your device.

The beauty of MirrorLink is its ability to eliminate the need for drivers to fumble with their phones while driving.

2. Safety

The MirrorLink iPhone Subaru interface is intuitive and easy to use. It has large, easy-to-read icons and clear, concise instructions.

Drivers can quickly and easily access the features they need without having to take their eyes off the road for too long.

Additionally, the system’s voice recognition technology allows drivers to perform certain tasks, such as making phone calls or selecting music, without ever having to take their hands off the wheel.

3. Compatibility

MirrorLink is compatible with a variety of smartphones and car manufacturers.

This ensures that users can easily find a compatible system for their specific device and car, making it easier to integrate their devices into their driving experience.

4. Flexibility

MirrorLink is a flexible technology that can be customized to suit your needs.

You can choose to use MirrorLink as your primary interface or as a secondary interface alongside your car’s built-in infotainment system.

5. App Support

You can never run out of options when using MirrorLink. The system supports multiple applications, allowing you to access your favorite apps while driving.

Whether you want to listen to music, check your email, or navigate to your destination, MirrorLink Android App has got you covered.

4-Fundamental Benefits of MirrorLink App Subaru

Subaru MirrorLink

If you are one of those people who just can’t get enough of their smartphone, then MirrorLink is worth considering.

The system operates and has the same benefits as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Drivers can connect any phone to the system, provided that the car has MirrorLink integrated. The feature can be useful in the following ways;

1. Safe driving

MirrorLink has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it easy to operate your phone when driving.

You can access your messages and even make hand-free calls without touching your phone.

2. Supports multiple systems

The system works with a wide range of smartphones and mobile devices. You, therefore, don’t need to replace your phone or make adjustments to it before using this technology.

3. Enhanced entertainment

We all love listening to our favorite songs when traveling. MirrorLink gives you the chance to listen to your favorite songs while ensuring your safety.

You can even use the smartphone to take videos on your road trip.

4. Get real-time information

If you love to be updated on what is happening around the world when on the road, then MirrorLink could be your best friend.

As long as you have the system, it is possible to get important updates from your phone.

Customization options: drivers can customize the user interface to their liking.

For instance, you can choose the apps that you want to appear on your car’s screen, and you can adjust the layout and settings to suit your preferences.

Subaru MirrorLink Update Download (How to Use MirrorLink)

Subaru MirrorLink

If you are using Subaru MirrorLink 1.1 update, now is the time for the Subaru MirrorLink update download. Setting up the MirrorLink is a breeze and can take as little as two minutes.

Users can therefore access all the features that come with MirrorLink without any hassle. The only items you will need are your smartphone and USB drive; then you can follow the following instructions to proceed.

Step 1: Download the update

To update your Subaru’s MirrorLink system, you’ll first need to download the update file. You can usually find this on the Subaru website or by contacting your local dealer.

Once you’ve downloaded the updated file, transfer it to a USB drive. Make sure the USB drive is formatted correctly and has enough space to hold the updated file.

Step 2: Connect a USB cable to your car

With the updated file on your USB drive, it’s time to connect it to the vehicle. Find the USB port in your car and connect the drive.

Make sure the car is turned on and the infotainment system is active.

Step 3: Start the Update

Once the USB drive is connected, you should see an option to start the update process on the infotainment system’s touchscreen.

Follow the on-screen instructions to begin the update. The update process can take some time, so be patient and wait for it to complete.

Don’t turn off the car or disconnect the USB drive during the update process, as this can cause errors.

Step 4: Restart your car

Once the update is complete, restart your car and check that the MirrorLink system is working correctly.

If you experience any issues, you may need to contact your dealer or the manufacturer for further assistance.

Subaru MirrorLink Not Working (3-Most Probable Problems)

Subaru MirrorLink

Is Subaru MirrorLink greyed out or facing any other difficulties? Since the MirrorLink feature is designed to work through a Bluetooth or USB connection.

However, even with a proper connection, you may still experience challenges with the feature not working as expected.

It is important to understand all the possible reasons and address them to avoid disruptions while driving your Subaru.

1. A temporary glitch

Sometimes, the feature on your phone may experience a hiccup that affects its connectivity with your car’s infotainment system.

In such instances, it’s advisable to perform a quick device restart to rectify the issue.

To do this, simply reboot your phone by following the manufacturer’s instructions. After restarting, try using the mirror link again to see if it works correctly.

It’s worth noting that turning off your car for a brief moment and turning it back on can help rule out any hiccups with the car’s system that may be causing the issue.

2. Issues with the vehicle’s infotainment system

In some cases, the problem may not be with your phone, but rather with the car’s software or hardware.

This can result in an inability to connect to your phone or use the mirror link feature.

You, therefore, need to check for any available software updates, as this can sometimes resolve the issue.

3. The phone does not support MirrorLink

While MirrorLink is supported by many operating systems, it’s still important to confirm whether your phone is compatible with the feature.

You can check for the “device not supported” notification that normally pops up on the phone screen.

MirrorLink is mostly compatible with Android 6 or higher, so if your phone runs on an older version of Android, it may not be able to use the feature.

Closing Words

Who doesn’t like the idea of a little entertainment while on the road? It can be just what you need after a busy day. Luckily, Subaru MirrorLink iPhone and Adroid are here to save the day.

With the MirrorLink Subaru iPhone feature, you can enjoy your favorite songs, listen to the latest news updates, and do so much more while driving.

This eliminates the need to check your phone frequently, ensuring that you can focus on the road and drive safely.

So if you haven’t yet upgraded to a Subaru with MirrorLink, now is just the right time to invest in it.

Eventually, go ahead and make the upgrade-your daily commute will never be the same again!

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