Subaru Throttle Position Sensor Reset: Why It Matters and How to Do It Safely

A throttle position sensor (TSP) plays a vital role in maintaining the performance of your vehicle by maintaining the air intake by the engine.

If you are concerned about uneven accelerations and speed pick-ups, you must get your Subaru throttle position sensor reset.

Before heading towards the TSP reset, make sure that you understand the symptoms of a bad throttle position sensor.

You should always opt for getting professional help before deciding on replacing or reprogramming your car’s TSP.

Continue reading this article to understand the importance of TSP and the techniques to reset a Subaru throttle position reset in detail.

Subaru Throttle Position Sensor


Subaru Throttle Position Sensor Reset

Nowadays, all advanced cars are well-equipped with sensors to provide high-end performance and optimal operation.

A throttle position sensor is one such sensor that is responsible for maintaining the efficiency of your Subaru car’s engine.

However, a throttle sensor is placed inside the throttle body of your car to communicate the throttle signal to the car’s engine control system.

Its main function is to maintain the ratio of air and fuel mixture that is required by the car engine.

A TSP contains a magnetic chip that sends signals to the engine control module (ECM) in the form of electronic pulses.

The car’s control system then uses these signals to determine the position of the throttle.

The position of the throttle changes with the speed of the car. It opens when the car is running at speed and closes when it slows down.

Importance of Throttle Position Sensor

A throttle position sensor is a necessary component as it improves the performance of the Subaru car engine. The following key points will describe its necessity in detail:

  • A throttle position sensor communicates with the car’s control system and adjusts the car’s performance specifications.
  • It maintains the engine temperature and air-fuel flow.
  • It works to maintain the fuel economy of the car. Your car will require excessive fuel consumption and will lead to unnecessary carbon emissions without a throttle position sensor.

Subaru Throttle Position Sensor Reset (6-Steps Process)


Subaru Throttle Position Sensor Reset

If your car is struggling to generate the right amount of power to start the engine, there’s a high possibility that the throttle position sensor of your vehicle is malfunctioning.

Various reasons might cause a TSP to malfunction over time.

Some of these reasons include:

  • Deposition of dirt and grime.
  • Irregular servicing of the car.

When you encounter a faulty Subaru throttle position sensor, you should immediately get it checked for reprogramming or replacement.

Resetting the Subaru throttle position sensor is not a typical task and doesn’t even require much time.

You easily can do it anytime and anywhere without any additional equipment.

The following steps will help you reset your faulty TSP without taking much time:

1. Disconnect the battery

Ensure to disconnect and drain the battery completely before starting the Subaru TPS reset.

2. Prepare the car

Next, be sure that your car cools down to the normal temperature.

All the lights, fan, and AC should be turned off and the car should be parked peacefully.

3. Reconnect the battery

After 5 minutes, reconnect the battery and sit in the driver’s position for a few seconds without doing anything.

This will bring your car to the normal operating temperature.

4. Turn on the ignition

Next, put the key in the ignition and turn it on. Make sure that you turn it on to light up the dashboard of your car.

You need not start the engine.

5. Press and release the accelerator and gas pedal simultaneously

First of all, press down the gas pedal slowly taking a time of approx. 4 seconds.

Leave it there for another 3-4 seconds and then release.

Similarly, press the accelerator pedal slowly for another 4 seconds and release.

Repeat this procedure simultaneously three times.

6. Turn off the ignition

Lastly, you have to turn off the ignition and remove the key for the next 10 seconds.

Carefully examine whether your car’s idle is stable or not. If it is stable, then you might consider that you have completed the throttle position sensor resetting.

Moreover, if it’s unstable, you should repeat step-4 & 5 until it becomes stable. This is one of the simplest methods of reprogramming a TSP.

Alternatively, you can also carry out the procedure either by detaching the negative side cable of the battery for 5 minutes or by removing the fuse from the ECM (Engine Control Module) of the car.

Crucial FAQs About Throttle Position Sensors

How will I know whether my car has a bad throttle position sensor or not?

The following are the common symptoms of a bad throttle position sensor:

  • Check-engine light turns on.
  • Poor power.
  • Difficulty in shifting gears.
  • Slower acceleration power.
  • Engine issues like rough running and misfiring.

How does a bad throttle position sensor affect the functioning of the car?

The following are the major effects of a bad or malfunctioning throttle position sensor on the functioning of a Subaru car:

  • It causes excessive carbon deposition on the engine.
  • It causes hindrance in the airflow toward the engine.
  • It results in excessive fuel consumption.
  • It causes acceleration issues like irregular speed pick-ups.

Can I drive my Subaru car without a throttle position sensor?

Yes, driving a Subaru car without a throttle position sensor is possible.

However, it will result in poor functioning and exhaustion of the car engine and lead to fuel wastage.

Moreover, it will also cause unnecessary expenditure on the maintenance of car engines if not fixed on time.

Do I need to clean the throttle position sensor frequently?

The deposition of dirt and grime on various parts of the throttle body hinders the air-fuel flow toward the engine.

As a result, it creates a rough surface and declines the performance of the engine of your Subaru car.

That’s why you should always make sure to clean the throttle position sensor of your car regularly.

What is the best solution to clean a throttle body?

WD-40 throttle body, carb, and choke cleaner are one of the best solutions to use for cleaning a throttle body.

You just need to spray it on the throttle body and wipe it to clean various parts of the throttle body.

What are the steps included while cleaning the throttle body?

  • Find the throttle body placed between the air filter and intake manifold of your car.
  • Spray a throttle body cleaner without removing it from its original position.
  • Wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth to remove any carbon deposition or dirt particles from its surface.

Final Thoughts

A throttle position sensor plays a crucial role in maintaining the fuel economy and efficiency of your Subaru car.

You must ensure to keep your car’s throttle body clean and get your car’s maintenance done regularly.

This way you can prevent a throttle position sensor from malfunctioning for a longer period.

Make sure that you follow the precautions mentioned in the car manual to avoid any problem, exponential damage, or costly repair.

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