Step-by-Step Guide on Subaru Transponder Key Programming [7-Simplest Steps]

Car theft has been prominent in our society since the very beginning. Earlier, it was done using the hot wire technique of unlocking and starting the car.

That’s why the transponder key came into existence after 1985 to reduce the chances of car theft.

To program a Subaru transponder key, first, select the valid key and access the programming mode. Afterward, follow the instructions properly, and test the key to ensure proper functionality. The process requires special equipment and knowledge, and can only be performed by a Subaru dealership or authorized service center.

Moreover, it is well-equipped with a radio frequency identification chip. Also, it makes hot-wire unlocking system ineffective.

General Motors introduced this technique in the market to promote anti-theft of commercial and personal vehicles. It needs to be programmed before taking into work.

Therefore, if you are using Subaru vehicles on a daily basis, you must know how to do Subaru transponder key programming.

Here I am adding a step-by-step procedure for making this task easy and straightforward.

What is Transponder Key?

Subaru Transponder Key Programming

A transponder key is a chip-based security system that disables the hot wire mechanism while trying to unlock the car without the consent of the car owner.

It has an RFID chip installed in its plastic head. The following key facts will make the features and working mechanisms clearer:

  • The chip available in the transponder key sends the signal to the immobilizer or car’s receiver. The car will not start without receiving the correct signal and code that matches the code saved in the car’s system. This means that if anyone with wrong intentions could even unlock the car, he won’t be able to start it.
  • The built-in mobilizer needs to recognize the digital code sent by the transponder key to disengage. A transponder key needs proper programming before it can be used to its full potential.
  • Car manufacturers adopted this technique as a security measure and reduce the frequent theft of vehicles.

Subaru Transponder Key Programming (7-Step Procedure)

Subaru transponder keys are very simple and intuitive.

A Subaru Transponder key is considered to be one of the most popular transponder keys with high-version and latest-generation security features.

Subaru keys are generally famous by the names – Fob keys and smart keys. It came into existence in 1999 to promote anti-theft and increase the security of Subaru cars.

Before starting the process, here are some essential factors you should keep in mind. Let’s have a look

  • The transponder key doesn’t come with onboard programming. As a result, you have to head for a professional transponder key to get the programming done. However, you can even do it yourself with the right cloning equipment.
  • The key is well-equipped with 4D62 encrypted chip.
  • You need to provide your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) before programming or duplicating a Subaru Transponder key.

For a Subaru vehicle, transponder key programming normally entails a few steps.

You’ll need both the fresh unprogrammed key you would like to add and an existing programmed transponder key to program a new one.

To program the transponder key for the vehicle, follow these simple instructions:

Subaru Transponder Key Programming

1. Make sure both keys are in the vehicle:

Start with this initial step to proceed with the programming.

Enter with the vehicle’s programmed and unprogrammed keys, close all doors and windows, and ensure the engine is turned off.

2. Insert the programmed key into the car start point:

Switch the key to the “On” indication but don’t start the engine.

After completing this, leave the key in this place for a minimum of ten seconds.

3. Remove the programmed key:

After you have kept the key in this position for 10 seconds, turn the key back to the “Off” position, then remove the key from the ignition.

4. Insert the unprogrammed key:

Ensure you complete this step perfectly and speedily.

Within ten seconds of pulling the programmed key, out the other key into the automobile. Do not delay more than this time limit.

5. Switch the key to the “On” indication:

Rotate the key to the “On” part, but do not activate the engine. Leave the unprogrammed key in this position for 10 seconds.

6. Remove the key:

After 10 seconds, turn the key back to the “Off” position, then remove the unprogrammed key from the ignition.

7. Test the new key:

Test the new key by inserting it into the ignition and starting the engine. If the key works, the programming process is complete.

If the key does not work, repeat the steps above.

It’s vital to recognize that based on the vehicle’s model and production year, the instructions may differ somewhat.

I recommend getting advice from a qualified technician or professional if you fail with the key programming after a specific number of attempts.

Some Less-Known Facts about Transponder Key

Can I get my transponder key reprogrammed?

Yes, reprogramming transponder keys is possible. However, this is not possible in the case of transponder keys.

A professional key programmer will help you with all the details for reprogramming your transponder key.

Is it expensive to replace a transponder key?

Replacing a transponder key depends on the model and manufacturing period of the vehicle.

It is expensive to replace a transponder key as compared to a metal key.

It is because of their features and extra benefits. Moreover, the cost of programming these keys is also an added expenditure.

How much time does transponder key programming take?

A professional key programmer doesn’t need much time for programming.

It only takes a couple of minutes to program a new transponder key.

Is there any limitation in possessing a transponder key?

Like everything else, a transponder key also has limitations.

For instance, there are chances of transponder key memory loss when the car battery is not up to the mark.

Can I DIY transponder key programming?

People with technical knowledge can try their hands-on transponder key programming.

However, it is a very tricky task without any professional guidance, as every vehicle has a different programming pattern.

You can do it with a little time and effort using an unprogrammed transponder key and the car guide manual.

Moreover, for some vehicle manufacturers like Subaru, self-programming is not possible. You need a special programming device to finish the task.

What is the difference between a transponder key and a non-transponder key?

The basic difference between a transponder key and a non-transponder key is that the former is equipped with an RFID chip system for security purposes.

At the same time, the metal doesn’t possess this mechanism.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the importance of having a powerful transponder key, ensure to purchase a new uncut key from an authorized and trustable dealer or locksmith.

So, Subaru Transponder Key Programming would be the best way to make your car safer and more secure.

Additionally, it is necessary to purchase a new key because a second-hand or used key can’t be reprogrammed.

Most of the older models of cars don’t have this feature. Simply take the aid of it and finish all your tasks effortlessly. Good knowledge is vital for solving issues.

Thus, we have listed the finest provisions for you to get a quick overall view and the finest assistance.

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